One cyclist’s journey to the Baku 2015 has begun


30123 12 MD SDTo cycle from Lisbon to Baku, promoting the inaugural European Games along the way. That is the challenge proposed by Jorge Cristóvão, a 53 year-old cyclist and adventure athlete, and the Portuguese National Olympic Committee (NOC). His journey began today at Lisbon’s Torre de Belém, in a ceremony attended by more than 100 people, including athletes and coaches who will represent Portugal in Baku, National Sport Federation representatives, and Mr Cristóvão’s family and friends.  Mr Cristóvão was given the Portuguese flag by the NOC’s Chef de Mission, José Garcia, to whom he will return it on 10 June when he arrives in Baku, in order for the flag to be used by the Portuguese delegation’s flag bearer at the Baku 2015 European Games Opening Ceremony on 12 June. 


Mr Cristóvão said: "I made the proposal to the Portuguese Olympic Committee to carry the Portuguese flag to Baku to honor the Portuguese athletes who will compete in this Games. It has an indescribable meaning to me because the national flag is a symbol that has followed me since childhood and is a very strong feeling I have."