Italian Paralympic Committee

President:Luca Pancalli

Secretary:Juri Stara

Indirizzo:Via Flaminia Nuova, 830, Rome

Phone:+39 06 8797 3112

Fax:06 8797 3189

History of CIP


A derivation of the pre-existing ANSPI (Associazione Nazionale Sport Paraplegici Italiani or National Association of Paraplegic Sports), FISHa – Federazione Italiana per lo Sport degli Handicappati (Italian Federation of Disabled Sports) was established in June 1980 - for the purpose of "setting up a unified process for the organisation of sports for people with disabilities". At the time of its constitution, FISHa incorporated FISM (Federazione Italiana Sportivi Minorati or Italian Federation of Athletes with Disabilities) and ANFFaS (Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Fanciulli Subnormali or Association of Families of Children with Disabilities). A year later, on 17 July 1981, on the invitation of CONI it subscribed to an “agreement of collaboration with the Federazione Italiana Ciechi Sportivi (FICS or Italian Federation of Blind Athletes and with the Federazione Sport Silenziosi d'Italia (FSSI or Italian Federation of Silent Sports) and the following 27 October 1981 it was recognised by CONI as a member Federation. The Federation became official on 30 April 1987. At the end of 1990 it changed its name to Federazione Italiana Sport Disabili (FISD or Italian Federation of Sports for People with Disabilities).


From 1980 to 1990 the Federazione Italiana per lo Sport degli Handicappati (FISHa or Italian Federation of Disabled Sports), from 17 November 1990 Federazione Italiana Sport Disabili (FISD or Italian Federation of Sports for People with Disabilities), from 16 March 2005 Comitato Italiano Paralimpico (CIP or Italian Paralympic Committee). 

Federal Office


First National Championships




1980-1990 Roberto Marson 


1990 - 1992 Roberto Marson

1992 Mario Pescante (CONI Commissioner)

1992 - 2000 Antonio Vernole

2000 - Luca Pancalli 


1980 - 1987 Antonio Vernole

1987 - 1992 Michele Maffei

1992 - Livio Guidolin (ad interim)

1992 - Carlo Piovan

1993 - 1996 Maria Luisa Mastrangelo

1996 - 1999 Carmelo Cernigliaro

1999 - 2003 Marco Giunio De Sanctis (regent)

2003 - 2017 Marco Giunio De Sanctis

2017 - Juri Stara


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