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Regulated Professions in the field of Sport

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Secretariat, office and contact address

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Documents for recognition

Recognition of foreign professional qualifications: required documents
Documentation to be submitted to obtain the recognition of the professional qualification

Application form
List of documents to be attached
What is the Declaration of Value?
Documentation relating to professional experience
How to attach the documents to be submitted
Useful information and contacts

Application form

for qualifications obtained abroad, the specific forms are available for users. The application must be completed and digitally signed, and uploaded - together with the required attachments - using the online form  below

Download the form (compilation and digital signature)
Application form and attachments
Compilation Instructions


The application form must be accompanied by the proof of payment of the stamp duty amount of Euro 32.00 through bank transfer in favor of: "Bilancio dello Stato Capo VIII, Capitolo 1205, art. 1" BIC: BITAITRRENT - IBAN: IT 07Y 01000 03245 348 008 1205 01 IMPOSTA: Imposta di bollo.

Non-resident subjects must indicate their personal details in place of the italian individual code (if they do not have one).



CONI will send all communications regarding the procedure to the address indicated in the application by the interested party. Therefore, it will be the latter’s responsibility to promptly notify any address change at the  following e-mail:


CONI will not be responsible for undelivered communications to the interested party due to address changes  or incorrectly reported address.


List of documents to be attached to the application
Personal data

The personal data of the individual applying for recognition must be identical on all the documents produced. In case of discrepancies, appropriate certification issued by the competent administrative authority of the country of origin, translated and legalized by the Italian diplomatic representation of the same country, must be attached, certifying that all the documents refer to the same individual.

In particular, EU or non-EU women who change surname in their country of origin, following marriage, are required to submit the marriage certificate, or other civil status official document to demonstrate the correspondence of the personal data resulting from the qualification or job and current one.

For EU CITIZENS with  qualification obtained in an EU country (*):

a) Copy of a valid passport or identity card;

(*) Please note that each Member State of the European Union - pursuant to Directive 2005/36 / EC - has an Assistance Center (formerly Contact Point) which can address to the local Authority which is  competent to issue certificates relating to regulated professions and trainings in their territory. The list of the European Assistance Centers/(Contact Points can be found at the following link:

Copy of the certificate issued by the competent Authority of the country that issued the qualification (*) must be sent to this Office, reporting:

  • whether the profession is regulated;
  • whether the training is regulated;
  • if the qualification held authorizes the interested party to exercise the required profession in the country of origin;
  • if the applicant's qualification meets the conditions set out in Directive 2005/36 / EC;
  • the level of the qualification as according to the aforementioned directive;
  • certification of professional experience gained in the sector for which recognition is requested.

The declaration must also certify:

  • the validity of the title
  • the regulations applicable in the State issuing the professional title;
  • the description of the studies carried out to obtain the aforementioned qualification;

b) Copy of the specific training or professional qualification for the requested activity, accompanied by the list of subjects studied for each annuity, as well as the duration of the training received and the exams undertaken (documentation necessary to determine the possible existence of substantial differences with respect to the training required at national level).

c) Copy of the specific qualification for the activity, if required by the country in which the qualification was released;

d) Copy of the enrollment in the professional Register of the country in which the qualification was obtained, only if required in the country itself;

e) Copy of certificates and proofs describing in detail the working activity carried out in the country of origin and/or provenance is, after the achievement of the qualification for which recognition is requested (including the periods of practical training carried out). For more details on the required documents to be submitted regarding the professional experience gained, please refer to point no. "4 - Documents relating to professional experience"

f) Documents issued by competent authorities of the Member State of origin or of the Member State which the citizen comes from, proving the existence of the requirements of good reputation and morality, the absence of declaration of bankruptcy, the absence of suspension or prohibition for serious professional misconduct or criminal convictions.

In cases where the law of the Member State of origin or of the Member State which the person concerned comes from does not issue the aforementioned documents, these can be replaced by an affidavit or, in the Member States where this form of declaration is not contemplated, by a solemn declaration, made by the interested party before a competent judicial or administrative authority or, possibly, before a solicitor or a qualified body of the Member State of origin or of the Member State which the interested party comes from.

In addition to the documents listed above, please add:

g) Copy of the valid residence permit


In addition to the documents listed above, please add:

h) Declaration of value on site (instead of the Declaration of the competent Authority mentioned at point b)



In the event that the profession is not regulated in the country of origin, the applicant must demonstrate possession of at least one year of professional experience (gained in the last ten years), by means of the appropriate documentation referred to at point no. 4


What is the Declaration of Value?
To be presented only for educational / training or professional qualifications obtained in non-EU countries.

It is a synthetic document that certifies the authenticity and legitimacy of all the documentation presented, issued by the Italian diplomatic representation (Italian Embassy or Consulate) based in the country where the degree was obtained and certifying the nature of the qualifications and training and professional qualification certificates held and their local value for professional purposes, pursuant to the provisions contained in the circular by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2 April 2001, n. 5716,. For further information please go to the fac-simile model.

In particular, the declaration of value on site must contain the following information:

  • professional training qualification held;
  • description of the training system of the country that issued the qualification;
  • legal duration of the training;
  • place of acquisition of training;
  • indication of whether the profession concerned is regulated or not and whether the qualification held by the applicant is a necessary and sufficient qualification to practice the professional activity in the country of reference;
  • proof of possession of all the requirements required by local legislation for the practice of the profession by the applicant in the country of reference;

The declaration of value on site will be accompanied by the documents submitted to the diplomatic representation to obtain the declaration itself.

The original copies of the above-mentioned documents (academic qualification and certificate certifying the exams or subjects addressed during the course of study) must be legalized in advance by the diplomatic representation, exception made for existing exemptions provided by international agreements and conventions.

For countries adhering to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, the above original documents may be submitted with the "Apostille" stamp by the competent local authority, instead of legalization.

The aforementioned documents, if issued in a foreign language, must be accompanied by an Italian translation certified by the Italian diplomatic or consular authorities of the country in which they were released or translated by a professional interpreter and confirmed by the diplomatic mission.


Documentation relating to professional experience

When the profession (or training) is regulated in the country of origin, professional experience must be documented with a certificate issued by the competent authority of the Member State of origin (see link at point no. 2).

In the event that professional experience is a pre-requisite for the application of Directive 2005/36 / EC (i.e. when neither the profession nor the training are regulated in the country of origin), the following documents issued by Public Authorities in the country where it was obtained (eg. Competent public bodies, etc.) will be taken into consideration 

if gained as an independent business owner or manager of the same:

  • with documentation from public authority showing;
  • the name of the person and  the company concerned;
  • the specific sector of activity in which the company operates or has operated,
  • the position held by the interested party within the company (owner, partner);
  • the activity actually carried out by the interested party in the company;
  • the period of time (start date and possible end date, specifying day / month / year) in which the activity was carried out
  • it is also preferable to attach documentation proving the payment of taxes on site;

if gained as a manager (employee) or employee of a company with Public Authority documentation reporting the information listed above with reference to the employment activity carried out by the applicant, to be sent together with:

  • copy of the work book;
  • copies of pay slips relating to the working period (at least two for each year declared);
  • employers' certificates (*)

In practical terms, the documentation must clearly show the identification data of the company, the position covered by the interested party within the company (specialized, qualified, generic, apprentice, etc.), the duration (start date / end date specifying the day /month year).

(*) The certificate from the employer, which must clearly indicate the role and personal details of the person drafting  the certificate (e.g. business owner), must indicate the applicant's duties within the company with a description as much detailed as possible of the activities carried out, any contract applied and report  the exact start / end dates.

In order to reduce (or not require) compensatory measures, any working experience carried out in Italy, duly documented, will also be taken into consideration (INAIL contribution extracts in the case of a company manager, INPS contribution extracts, copies of pay slips, attestation employer (*), etc.).


How to submit the documents to be attached to the application:

Documentation issued by Italian authorities / subjects or those belonging to EU countries:

in certified copy (or certified copy of the original) or, for EU citizens, in simple photocopy (clearly readable) adding the "substitutive declaration of deed of notoriety, pursuant to Articles 47 and 76 of the Presidential Decree 445/2000 (downloadable from the following link model of "substitutive declaration of notoriety deed")

all documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by a sworn translation in Italian (both the documents in a foreign language and the sworn translation in Italian must be an authentic copy or a simple copy accompanied by a substitutive declaration of affidavit).

Documentation issued by authorities / subjects NOT belonging to EU countries:

in an authenticated copy (or a true copy of the original), after having been legalized in accordance to provisions of law (care of the competent Italian diplomatic representation or, in the case of the countries adhering to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, by affixing the Apostille  by the competent authority of the country that issued the document) accompanied by italian translation. The translation must be certified by the Italian diplomatic or consular authorities in the country where the document was issued to be conform to the original text, or it must be translated by an professional interpreter  and confirmed by the aforementioned diplomatic authorities, or it must be sworn or certified by an Italian court. This method of submission is also applied to EU citizens in case their documentation has been obtained in non-EU countries.

It is possible to obtain the authentication of the documents in copy or at the Italian Embassy (or Consular Representation) based in the country of origin of the document or in Italy at the offices of any Italian municipality, by showing the original title.

The Administration will carry out a sample check on the veracity of the self-certifications., in accordance with the provisions of  law.


Useful information and contacts

Specific information on the practice will be provided only to the person concerned or to a person appointed by him and with a written PROXY and a valid identification document.



Temporary and occasional service

EU rules guarantee service providers established in a Member State the right to offer their services to recipients residing in other Member States on a temporary basis and without settling there.

This section contains information on the cross-border freedom to provide services and provides the form to be used to submit the prior declaration necessary for professionals established in other Member States to legitimately provide their services in Italy.

Within one month from receipt of the complete application (completed with possible requested integrations), this Administration will notify the declarant of the outcome of the investigation on the submitted declaration. Only following the positive communication of CONI, or only after the term of one month has elapsed without communication from CONI, the declarant will be able to carry out his professional service. The prior declaration is valid for one year.

This section also publishes the updated list of providers who have submitted the prior declaration, accompanied by the outcome of the investigation on the declaration and consequent authorization or not to provide their services in Italy. The list also reports the period of validity of the declaration, the professional activity of the provider and the Member State of origin.