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President, Secretary, head office and contact address


Prof. Avv. Massimo Zaccheo


Luca Saccone

Deputy secretary

Andrea Gruttadauria

Officer in charge

Head office and contact address

Olympic Stadium – Sector Tribuna Tevere – Gate 37 – 1° Floor
Foro Italico – Room 1.54 00135 Rome
Phone  (+39) 06 3685 7801   (+39) 06 3685 7802
Fax:    (+39) 06 3272 3743

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm

Access to the Olympic Stadium, except in exceptional cases, is permitted through the gate located at the North Stand and the gate located at the South Stand. The magnetic card required for access to the premises of the National Court of arbitration for sport can be picked up at the respective guard posts.