The Schwazer case: TNA, the Italian Anti-Doping Court, rejects the appeal to cancel his disqualification


FORO10The second section of the Italian Anti-Doping Court, chaired by Luigi Fumagalli, rejected the appeal presented by Alex Schwazer requesting his disqualification to be cancelled. The decision was based upon article CSA: the article sets out, in accordance to article WADC, that CONI NADO (now NADO ITALIA) can cancel a portion of the period of disqualification "only with the consent" of WADA and the relevant International Federation. Negative opinions were provided by both IAAF on 14 July 2015 and WADA on 6 August 2015, while any evaluation remained unchanged concerning the existence of an active collaboration to investigate violations of anti-doping regulations between these agencies. The court also ordered the decision to be communicated to the  Anti-Doping Prosecutor's Office (UPA), to WADA and to IAAF.