National Council press release


FORO1CONI's National Council No. 242 met this afternoon, at 2 pm, at the Foro Italico, to discuss the following agenda: 


1) Approval of the minutes of the 9 November 2015 meeting: the minutes were approved unanimously.


2) Report from the President: Malagò, after paying tribute to the sportsmen who died in the last month, and highlighting the important results obtained in this same period, gave a brief summary and stressed the importance of the institutional events that took place during the past week, which included the launch of the logo for Rome 2024, the ceremony to award the golden Collars in the presence of the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, the Holy Mass for Sportsmen, officiated by His Grace Fisichella, and the reception with the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.  Malagò then talked about the strength and cohesion of the Rome 2024 team, recalling the journey to Lausanne on 21 January with Prime Minister Renzi for the meeting with the head of IOC, Thomas Bach.  The candidature dossier is in an advanced phase, the details are being finalised. To this end, meetings took place between the representatives of the Rome 2024 Committee and those of the Federations, in addition to a round table with the Italian Presidents of the International Federations and the members of IOC. Surveys to identify the ideal locations are still ongoing, as in the case of sailing.


The good relations with the Government were reiterated: the funding project "Sport and suburbs", with the allocation of 100 million Euros for facilities in suburban areas undergoing regeneration, is a tangible proof of this.  In addition to addressing social degradation, the interventions will need to also envisage the inclusion of competitive sport practice. The first seven facilities chosen in the last few days are a starting point: a commission will be set up, with the purpose of evaluating the proposals received and establishing the areas considered by the intervention: in the last days, 453 requests were received; everything will be decided with the maximum observance of formal criteria and the maximum transparency, in compliance with four mandatory selection stages.  Defibrillators' issue: three Regions have acted autonomously, the date for compliance has been moved to the beginning of February. The President reminded participants that CONI is carefully following the procedures relating to the issue raised by the Central Institute of Statistics (ISTAT), to this day in line with the intentions of Federations. The discussion then veered onto the extraordinary news arrived in these days with regards to candidatures: the allocation to Italy of the 2018 Male Volleyball World Cup (Finals in Turin) and also of the 2022 Ryder Cup; the latter will use the Marco Simone circuit, which incidentally is also the circuit identified by the 2024 Olympic Game dossier.


The IOC Athlete Commission has asked the Regulation to be upgraded to the Italian system. Different parameters have been introduced for participation to the Commission in relation to the growth of non-Olympic disciplines: an important stepping stone also for the candidature of Alessandra Sensini to the International Olympic Committee.


The Committee was then briefed on the completion of the survey conducted by the marketing office in Rio for "Casa Italia" and on the restrictions in connection to the concession of credits. The next Board Meeting will take place on 26 January in Cortina D'Ampezzo to celebrate 60 years of Winter Olympic Games. Meetings are taking place with the Federations that have inherited past budget problems. Seasons greetings ended the communications of the last National Council. The President's report saw interventions by Ugo Claudio Matteoli (Recreational Fishing), Maurizio Casasco (Sport Doctors), Giovanni Petrucci (Basketball), Sabatino Aracu (Hockey and skating), Franco Chimenti (Golf), Carlo Magri (Volleyball), Andrea Mancino (Representative for Associated Sport Disciplines, with a communication from the National Council in relation to the guidelines for the new management software for the register of sport clubs), Ugo Salines (Representative of the Organisations for the Promotion of Sport) and Romolo Rizzi (Bowls). There was then also the intervention of Enrico Cataldi, Procurator General for Sport.


3) F.S.N.-D.S.A.-E.P.S Activity: Approval of the minutes of the New Athlete Regulation. With no other matters arising, the proceedings were closed at 3:40 pm.