The Italian team has been selected, 37 athletes will be in Lillehammer. Luger Felix Schwarz will be the flagbearer


Schwarz Felix 2CONI's National Board met today in Cortina, and formalised the composition of the Italian team for the second edition of the Winter Youth Olympic Games, which will be held at Lillehammer from 12 to 21 February. There will be ten days of races with more than a thousand competing athletes (from 15 to 18 years old), representing 70 countries, ready to challenge each other across 70 competitions. The Italian delegation, under the guide of Anna Riccardi, one of CONI's Olympic Preparation executives, will be represented by 37 athletes across 13 disciplines, with luger Felix Schwarz (born in 1998), designated as flagbearer for the delegation and winner of the junior World Cup, in the double with Lukas Gufler. Here is the complete list:




ALPINE SKIING (4): Pietro Canzio, Michael Tedde, Sofia Pizzato, Carlotta Saracco. CROSS COUNTRY SKIING (2): Luca Del Fabbro, Chiara De Zolt Ponte. NORDIC COMBINED (1): Aaron Kostner. SKI JUMPING (2): Alessio Longo, Lara Malsiner. LUGE (5): Fabian Malleiller, Ivan Nagler, Felix Schwarz, Lukas Gufler, Marion Oberhofer. BIATHLON (4): Patrick Braunhofer, Cedric Christelli, Irene Lardschneider, Samuela Comola. SNOWBOARD (1): Caterina Carpano. FREESTYLE SKIING (2): Tobias Knollseisen, Sophia Insam.



CURLING (4): Alberto Zisa, Luca Rizzolli, Martina Ghezze, Stefania Constantini. ICE HOCKEY (1): Anita Muraro. SHORT TRACK SPEED SKATING (1): Gloria Ioriatti. SPEED SKATING (4). Francesco Betti, Jeffrey Rosanelli, Noemi Bonazza, Chiara Cristelli. FIGURE SKATING (6): Adiren Bannister, Edoardo Caputo, Pietro Papetti, Lucrezia Gennaro, Irma Angela Caldara and Francesca Righi.


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