Five Italian champions in the Herbalife24 Team


Foto Team Herbalife24 crFive champions, five sports, five Olympic circles. Following the agreement which establishes a collaboration for the next three years with the Italian National Olympic Committee in the quality of Supplier of Sports Nutrition Supplements, Herbalife24 pledges its commitment to sports at the highest level with its support to Team Herbalife24 for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. A number, five, that is recurrent and that speaks of a common passion for sport and of sharing the values it represents.

But who are these champions? Women and men who contribute to writing the history of the disciplines in which they compete, with hard work, dedication, tenacity and determination.

Arianna Errigo (Fencing), Rachele Bruni (Open Water Swimming), Fabio Fognini (Tennis), Simone Giannelli (Volleyball), Giuseppe Vicino (Rowing).

Herbalife24 will be supporting these great athletes by supplying sports nutrition supplements (Formula 1 Pro, Prolong, Restore, Rebuild Strength and Rebuild Endurance) in the months coming up to the Olympic adventure and during the days of the competition, in collaboration with the Istituto di Medicina e Scienze dello Sport and with the technical staff of the Olympic Training. Supporting the athletes who turn their body into a “precision instrument” to achieve ever more ambitious goals, is the pledge that Herbalife24 commits to with great seriousness and respect, and that translates into the provision to athletes of products that are the fruit of a constant research and development process guaranteeing excellent quality and maximum safety.

Safety is an important matter for those who practice sports: the entire Herbalife24 line in fact is tested to verify the presence of banned substances through the “Informed Sport” program that certifies that the products have been tested for substances banned in sports. Until 2018, Herbalife24 will work with the Italian National Olympic Committee as Official Supplier of Sports Nutrition Supplements.