Statement by the National Board


FORO5Meeting no. 1047 of the CONI National Board was held this morning and began with the approval of the minutes of the previous meetings of April 27 and May 4. In his statements, President Malagò paid his compliments to the Athletics team for its achievements in the race running World Championships in Rome and to the Volleyball team for the qualification of the national women’s team and to the Swimming team for the excellent results obtained in the recent European water sports championships. In view of the 2016 Rio Games, the Board has decided to establish the monetary prizes associated to the medals by attributing 150 thousand Euro to the gold, 75 thousand to the silver and 50,000 to the bronze (every medalled athlete will receive this prize, whether it be for individual or team achievements). An update was then given on Rome’s candidacy to the 2024 Olympic Games.


The Board then decided to add five new great athletes to the Walk of Fame: Alberto Braglia, Mario Fiorillo, Sandro Mazzinghi, Paola Pigni and Valentina Vezzali. The Palma d’Oro for Coaching Achievements awarded to Claudio Ranieri was confirmed and the Stella d’Oro for Sporting Achievements was awarded de jure to the new President of the Italian Taekwondo Federation, Angelo Cito. The first reformulation of CONI’s 2016 budget was then approved and will be submitted to the National Council for approval. The Board then discussed the CONI-FIN relations following the dismissal of charges for slander filed against Secretary General Roberto Fabbricini by the President of Federnuoto Paolo Barelli, personally and as legal representative of FIN, and in light of the appeal to the Tar (Regional Administrative Tribunal) filed by the Federazione Italiana Nuoto opposing a ruling of the CONI’s Arbitration Board. After examining a long series of other issues of organizational and administrative nature, and having assumed the relative delegations, the Board meeting was closed at 12.45.