National Council Statement


NazionaleeeeThe 255th National Council of CONI met this afternoon at 15.00 in the Salone d’Onore of Foro Italico.

Before the meeting prizes were awarded to the winners of the 6th edition of the “Onesti nello Sport” Competition, promoted by the Giulio Onesti Foundation in cooperation with CONI and MIUR, linking human and social values to the Italian flag and sport. Liceo Torricelli – Ballardini in Faenza - triumphed in the musical cinema category and Liceo Antonio Rosmini in Rovereto, on the other hand, achieved victory in the short film category.

“Società Italiana di Storia dello Sport”, led by its President, Mr Galluzzo, awarded prizes to Claudio Gregori, Claudio Mancuso, Rosalba Catacchio and Donato Tamblè for their successful activities and initiatives.

The National Council then discussed the following Agenda:


1) Approval of the minutes of the meeting on 24 October 2017: unanimously approved.


2) Statement by the President: Mr Malagò reminded the participants of the importance of the Golden Collars Ceremony which was held on that day in the Sala Delle Armi, a summation of the pride of the movement for the results obtained in 2017 and for the presence of the Prime Minister, Mr Gentiloni. The President then emphasised that the desired normative solution was that of aligning into three mandates - for everyone - the duration of the title following the CIO’s example. With regard to international commitments, Mr Malagò reminded the meeting of his attendance to the European Olympic Committee Meeting, with the election of the new President, Mr Janez Kocijancic, and the confirmation of Mr Pagnozzi as General Secretary. 2019 Universiade Chapter: the meeting was reminded of the need to nominate a first class Commissionaire, named by the Government. In view of the Milan Session, dates were agreed with the CIO: there will be a great premier at La Scala, in the presence of the President of the Republic. The presentation of the Italian flag to Arianna Fontana at the Quirinal Palace, in anticipation of the PyeongChang Olympic Games, has confirmed the Head of State’s sensitivity to the world of sport. There will be five additions to the Walk of Fame: Luigi Beccali, Ercole Baldini, Paolo Maldini, Samuele Papi and Massimiliano Rosolino, while the Emilia Romagna Regional Committee has been awarded the organisation of the 2018 CONI Trophy, naming Rimini as the host city. The President reminded the meeting of the “Stati Generali” - held by CONI at the end of November - as an opportunity for discussion, analysis and growth in terms of the promoted contents and messages. The following intervened in relation to the report and other matters: Giovanni Petrucci (Basketball), Luciano Rossi (Shooting), Antonio Urso (Weights), Carlo Tavecchio (Football)


3) F.S.N .- D.S.A. - E.P.S activities.: The following resolutions were unanimously approved: regulations for the assignment of Sport Honours; Composition of the Committee for sport merits for the 2017-2020 period (President - Diana Bianchedi; Vice President - Michele Maffei; Members - Bruno Biferari, Alessandro Campagna, Leopoldo Desiderio, Danilo di Tommaso, Domenico Ignozza, Mara Santangelo, Elisa Santoni, Francesco Scarpellini, Umberto Suprani, Mario Trippanera, Ciro Turco; Delegate Member to the National Committee - Guglielmo Talento); Integration of the list of admissible sport disciplines for inclusion in the National Register of Amateur Sport Associations and Societies (with the inclusion of the "beach hockey" and "parkour” disciplines); Amendment of article 4 of the Regulations for the organisation and operation of the “Collegio di Garanzia dello Sport”, referred to in article 12 bis of the CONI Statute; Appointment of a member of the “Collegio di Garanzia dello Sport” (Giulio Bacosi).


As there was no other business, the meeting came to an end at 16.25.