National Council Statement


MalagoThe 257th National Council of CONI met this afternoon at 15.00 in the Salone d’Onore of Foro Italico.

The National Council discussed the following Agenda:


1) Approval of the minutes of the meeting of 19 December 2017: unanimously approved.


2) Statement by the President: Malagò opened discussions by remembering the athletes that have passed away over the last 3 months, while also stressing the important results achieved by the Italians in the same period, especially highlighting those obtained by the team sent to the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang and citing the figures and statistics demonstrating their impressive performance. The appointment of Carlo Mornati as the new CONI Secretary General was officially approved, with the simultaneous investiture of Roberto Fabbricini as President of CONI Servizi, with powers over the territory and the staff.

The President underlined the presence of three Commissioners on the Board: Francesco Soro (UITS), Roberto Fabbricini (FIGC) and Pierluigi Matera (AeroClub), specifying that the new Executive will be asked to link the various vigilant Ministries under the aegis of a single entity.

It was then demonstrated that the final drafting of the fundamental principles of the Federations’ and DSA's statues is near completion: a crucial crossroads for the motives behind the consolidation. In the next meeting of the National Council of 10 April the conclusive findings will be presented, as well as the tasks linked to the principles of sports justice. In relation to a letter from Assofederazioni regarding the relationships between the Federations and certain Sports Promotion Bodies, Malagò also announced that the topic will be addressed in the coming weeks to assess the issues that affect these relationships.

In regard to the fiduciary nature of regional roles related to sports facilities, also after a recent episode Sicily, it was specified that different criteria will be established for the choice of CONI delegates in this context, through the consultation of a register of professionals.

A pleasant surprise was announced in relation to Sport and Peripheries, with an additional allocation of resources from the government. The meeting closed with congratulations to those elected to represent the sporting world in the two Cameras with National Council members Paolo Barelli and Claudio Barbaro, the technician Felice Mariani, Roberto Pella, Cosimo Sibilia, Marco Marin, Lara Magoni and Giusy Versace. Congratulations also to Diego Nepi for Italy's extraordinary success in PyeongChang. Finally, it was announced that on 27 March the ceremony will be held for the return of the Italian flag to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

The following intervened in relation to the report and other matters: Roberto Fabbricini, Franco Carraro (CIO member), Carlo Mornati, Giovanni Petrucci (Basketball), Claudio Matteoli (Sport Fishing and Diving), Bruno Cattaneo (Volleyball), Luciano Buonfiglio (Canoe and Kayak), Ugo Salines (Sports Promotion Bodies), Vincenzo Manco (Sports Promotion Bodies), Gherardo Tecchi (Gymnastics), Claudio Barbaro (Sports Promotion Bodies), Bruno Molea (Sports Promotion Bodies), Raffaella Masciadri (Athletes Commission), Mario Pescante (CIO member), Eugenio Giani (Provincial Delegates Representative), Andrea Mancino (Sports Promotion Bodies), Angelo Binaghi (Tennis).


3) F.S.N .- D.S.A. - E.P.S. activities : The following resolution was unanimously approved: 1) ratification of the CONI National Council resolution number 52 for the appointment of the Extraordinary Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners of the Italian Football Federation.

As there was no other business, the meeting came to an end at 17.35.