Saturday the YOG Opening Ceremony


Nanjing 2014 - Cerimonie 01Really not so much time is left and there is great anticipation. Although the second edition of YOG is already started with the soccer qualifications, the official starting will begin at 08:00 pm (02 pm italian local time) on Saturday 16 with the Opening Ceremony. After years and months of working, the LOC is really enthusiastic. More than 60.000 people is flowing in the Olympic Sports Center stadium to watch a 90 minutes event, realized by Chen Weiya, the same choreographer that put on the ceremonies of Beijing 2008 and Asiatic Games of Guangzhou 2010. The programme is absolutely top secret. Last week - far from prying eyes - there have been three dress-rehearsal for artistic, safety programme, ticketing and transport. It is sure that we are waiting for a remarkable show, as well the VIP sitting in the stadium, starting by the President of China, Xi Jinpong and the number one of CIO, the german Thomas Bach. This last one did not lose the chance to meet, today, the 3.808 young (15/18 years old) in a welcoming party organized by NYOCOG at the Olympic Village square. The party was titled "let's get together" and even the major of Nanjing joined it. In Italy the Opening ceremony will be available, live, on Sportitalia (channel 153) by Matteo Gandini. The network led by Michele Criscitiello ensured the TV rights for YOG 2014 so it will be possible watching the highlights, every day on 00:30, again on 11:00 and 16:00. We remind moreover, that you can also follow the YOG live or on demand on the several digital TV of CIO:, e If you are in holidays, and if you do not have a TV or a PC, this won't be a problem. The application "Olympic TV, has been realized for you. downloading it on your iOS or Android you won't lose anything form the next 12 days.