Aurora Tognetti in a stellar Opening Ceremony


aurora2"I officially declare opened the 2 edition of Youth Olympic Games". With this fateful phrase the President of China Xi Jinping has started the races. An event realized for young that will echoes in the history. At least for the Opening Ceremony, a masterpiece signed by the art director Chen Weiya, able to do better than games of Beijing 2008 and Asian games 2010. Under a boring rain and the amazed eyes of 60.000 people, Chen put up an incredible show the italians have followed live on Sportitalia. Over the official moments, like the raising of flag, the athletes oath and the speech of CIO president Thomas Bach and LOC president Li Xueyong, (Governor of Jangsu province), everything was wonderful. Even the parade of 204 delegations: starting by Greece to finish with landlords. The ensigns leading each own country! While the rest of the teams were watching the show sitting in the stadium.


For Italy Aurora Tognetti was holding the "Tricolore". Born in 1998 she is just crowned junior world champion in relay race. The YOG represents a childhood dream coming true for the almost 16 years old girl. An important chance to parade in front of the ONU General Secretary Ban Ki - moon and many other authorities. The topic was inspired to china conquest in science, arts and chinese culture and draw inspiration for incredible special effects, artistic evolutions in the sky, between huge telescopes, camels, fireworks and over. Like the one realized for the lighting of Olympic cauldron, after the last torchbearer - the award chinese olympic diving Chen Roulin (platform and Syncro 10 m.) - concluded her journey began in the Panathinaiko stadium in Athens last april 30. "The door of happiness" - that's the name of YOG 2014 torch, designed by Vatti corporation Ltd, the same company that realized the torch of Beijing. A clear proof that Beijing citizens opened to international community and young generations. By tomorrow the YOG will get in the heart of competitions until august 28, when torch will settle to Buenos Aires 2018.