Shower of YOG medals with Esposito, Quadarella, the FS/M (Swimming) relay and Crovari (Fencing)

NANJING 2014 - Nuoto - Ambra EspositoThe journey of the Italia Team at the Youth Olympic Games continues at a very encouraging pace. After that of Simone Sabbioni and Nicolangelo Di Fabio, today came another double gold in swimming, this time all female. Simona Quadarella from Rome (Aniene Rowing Club), while competing in the slow heat for an entry time of 8:53.70, won the final of the women's 800 meters with a personal record of 8:35:39, while the Neapolitan Ambra Esposito, who yesterday had finished in last place in the 100 backstroke, won the final of the 200, in a tie with the American Hannah Moore, stopping the clock at 2:10.42. Third Italian performance ever, only Pellegrini and Filippi have done better than the "almost" of age (she turns 18 on 12 September) of the Naples Rowing Club.
Absolute values that go beyond the context of the category of the event in China. Two surprises, then, but only for the opponents, as the Technical Manager of the FIN Youth Teams Walter Bolognani knew very well the potential of his Azzurri team. Silver, however, for the men's 4x100 freestyle relay race composed of Sabbioni, Di Fabio, Giacomo Carini and Alessandro Bori with a time of 3:22:29 behind Great Britain (3:21:19). Silver also in the fencing, thanks to Chiara Crovari of Terni who in the women's sabre has given up only in the final to the Russian Alina Moseyko for 15 thrusts to 10. The fencer from the Dragon Academy, trained in Nanjing by the Master Anna Ferni and in company of Giuseppe De Santis, had already stood out this year by winning the Mediterranean Sabre Championship. Chiaretta, as her friends call her, has not turned17 years old yet, she attends Secondary School and has a dream, common to all the young people in the YOG Village, to take part in the grown up Olympic Games. With four podiums today the spoils of Italy rises to 8 in the overall medals table with 4 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze!