National Council Statement


malagoconsiglioluglio2018The 259th National Council of CONI met this afternoon at 16.00 in the Salone d’Onore of Foro Italico.


The start of the work was preceded by the awards related to the second edition of “Excellent Athlete, Excellent Student”, the competition established by the CNA Management Committee and approved by the CONI Board and addressed at young athletes of national interest included in the lists of the National Teams who earn a high school diploma in Italy. The representatives of the Athletes Commission, composed of Kelum Perera, Margherita Granbassi, Carlo Molfetta, Silvia Salis and Mara Santangelo, presented the following awards for 2017: Andrea Corsi (FIH), Giorgia Di Credico e Viola Donadello (FIPSAS), Alessandra Patelli (FIC), Sebastiano Poma (FIBS), Francesco Puppi e Laura Strati (FIDAL), Veronica Zappone (FISG), Silvia Zennaro (FIV), Giada Andreutti (FIDAL), Gianluca Allegretti (FIPSAS), Maria Beatrice Barberis (FIP), Ottavia Cestonaro (FIDAL), Elena Di Liddo (FIN), Francesca Dincao (FIT), Caterina Dotto (FIP), Eleonora Ferrero (FIDAL), Giulia Galligani (FIH), Sara Gama (FIGC), Francesca Genzo (FICK), Simone Marinai (FIGC), Giulia Pacella (FIH), Stefania Pirozzi (FIN), Alessia Polieri (FIN), Giulia Rulli (FIP), Arianna Talamona (FIN paralympic), Federica Tognalini (FIP), Maria Anna Szczepanska (FICK)

The National Council then discussed the following Agenda:


1) Approval of the minutes of the meeting on 09 April 2018: unanimously approved.


2) Statement by the President: Malagò opened the session with a moving speech about Rebecca Braglia, the young rugby player of Amatori Parma, who passed away last week. Afterwards the other people in the sporting world who had passed away in the last month were remembered and at the same time highlighted the significant results achieved by Italian athletes in the same period.

Malagò then discussed the subject of the Olympic applications, specifying that the procedures for the dialogue phase with Milan, Turin and Cortina d’Ampezzo has started and that the decision would be made during the summer months. Then the relations between the Agencies of Promotion, Federations and Associated Disciplines were discussed: the establishment is being considered, within the Guarantee Council, of a branch to be given the responsibility of resolving disputes between the various organisations. After the final approval of the CONI Articles of Association, during the National Council of July, the commissioners ad acta called to standardise the various federal articles of association with the main informers of the Body will be identified.

Then the focus was directed, by the Secretary General Carlo Mornati, on the organisational aspects linked to the preparation of Tokyo 2020 and the Mediterranean Games of Tarragona. Among the resolutions approved was the one relative to reducing the quota of non-EU nationals to 59. Lastly, the events that will be held in Rome and the Foro Italico next May were remembered (Final of the TIM CUP of football, International Tennis matches, Piazza di Siena, Golden Gala, Settecolli and the lef of the Giro d’Italia 2018). The National Council then saluted the re-election of Flavio Roda at the helm of the FISI and the journalist, Ruggero Palombo, who ended - after 23 years - his partnership with the Gazzetta dello Sport.

The following participated on the report and other subjects of a general nature: Mario Pescante (CIOmember), Margherita Granbassi (Athletes Commission), Alberto De Nigro (Auditor), Luciano Rossi (Skeet Shooting). 


3) F.S.N .- D.S.A. - E.P.S. activities: The following resolution was unanimously approved: Overall limit of 1090 admissions of foreign athletes from Countries not belonging to the European Community (59 less than 2017-2018)


4) Administrative Affairs and CONI Balance Sheet: The CONI 2017 Balance Sheet approved today unanimously by the National Council of CONI reports a break even result (+ € 0.208 mln), in line with the 2016 result and the closing estimated notified towards the end of last year.

The production value comes to € 445.7 mln, of which the principal components are represented by the MEF resources (€ 418.6 mln), by the contributions received from Ministries (€ 10/mil.), from commercial revenues for the use of the CONI trademark (€ 6.1mln), from contributions gathered from Local Bodies directly by the regional committees (€ 8.7 mln).

The production costs of € 445.1 mln were allocated mainly to the Federations for an amount over € 290 mln (about 65% of the total production cost). The other components of the production cost were represented by the contributions to the other bodies financed (€ 32.4 mln), by the share of the fee of the services contract referred to the activities carried out by the Company on CONI’s behalf (€ 59.3 mln. excl. VAT) by the amounts allocated to the State for VAT and in application of the containment rules on public spending (€ 24.4 mln, or 5% of the production cost), in addition to the costs incurred directly by the CONI regional committees (€ 25.6 mln, or 6% of the production cost). As there was no other business, the meeting came to an end at 17.21.