The curtain rises on Taragona 2018, Italy marches with the standard bearer, Pellielo


IMG 20180622 WA0067The curtain rises on the 2018 XVIII Mediterranean Games of Tarragona. In a ceremony that celebrated the past of this ancient Roman colony which is about one hundred kilometres from Barcelona, the athletes of the 26 Countries participating painted the Estadi Club Gimnàstic with their smiles and their flags, under the gaze of King Felipe VI, present in the stands, together with the new Premier, Pedro Sanchez, the Mayor of Tarragona and the Chairman of the Organising Committee, Josep Félix Ballesteros, and the Chairman of the Catalogna Quim Torra and representatives of European sports, starting with the Chairman of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games, Amar Addadi and the Secretary of the European Olympic Committees, Raffaele Pagnozzi. Also in the stands was Davide Tizzano, member of the Executive Committee of the Games, and various Federal Chairmen.

The Italian delegation (the largest at the Games with 409 athletes), entered the stadium around 9:29 p.m., after France and before Kosovo, in addition to the Mission Head, Anna Riccardi, it was captained by Giovanni “Johnny” Pellielo, timeless undisputed champion of Skeet Shooting who takes the baton from his team-mate, the Olympic athlete, Jessica Rossi - standard bearer in Mersin 2013 - becoming the oldest standard bearer of all time in the history of Italian multi-discipline events, with his 48 years (passing D’Inzeo, standard bearer at 43 in Mexico in 1968).

Starting today - the first Italians in archery, volley ball and football have already made their appearance - until the first of July, Team Italy will try to wave the Tricolour flag high. Starting tomorrow, when the first medals will be awarded of an event that focuses on uniting in the name of sports.