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Amadori feeds sport. The partnership that will accompany the Italia Team to the Tokyo Games is now underway


Amadori, one of the leaders in Italy in the agri-food sector and specialist in the poultry sector, becomes the “ambassador” of high-quality white meat and the promoter of healthy lifestyles. It is launching the project “Amadori alimenta lo Sport” (“Amadori feeds sport”), with which it intends to promote the winning combination of varied and balanced nutrition and regular physical activity.

The kick-off is the announcement of the partnership between Amadori and CONI: the Food Group, founded in Cesena over 50 years ago, joins the panel of official partners of the Italian National Olympic Committee.

Amadori has also become the official supplier of Casa Italia at the next Tokyo Games and of the Olympic preparation centres, where the athletes of the Italia Team - the national Olympic team - are currently preparing, in their respective disciplines, for the most important sports event in the world.

The partnership with CONI and the Italia Team is part of a wide-ranging project, which will be developed in the coming months and will see Amadori involved together with sports institutions and Ambassadors from the world of sport, nutrition and lifestyle, in important events and appointments dedicated to health and wellness, for the promotion of a varied and balanced dietary model.

Amadori wants to be a reference point for millions of Italians who believe in a balanced lifestyle, in every aspect of everyday life, and in the nutritional value of white meat, which is an irreplaceable element in a varied and complete diet.

This is a large community that includes sportsmen and -women, amateur athletes, professional athletes and our national champions - the summit of a movement that makes health and wellness care a cornerstone of their daily lives.

“Our top-class supply chains are characterised by differentiating advantages in their category, which meet the needs of quality, safety and taste and provide high-quality proteins and essential nutritional elements for various people’s daily diet: from athletes of all levels to pregnant women, from the more mature population to children,” explains Corrado Cosi, Central Director of Amadori Strategic Marketing and R&D. “For all of them, our company promotes the ‘culture’ of high-quality white meat through the different lines of products coming from the Amadori integrated supply chain, 100% Italian and certified at every stage of production”.

These are the top-class Amadori chains:

- “Quality 10+”, with many proposals for chicken and turkey, reared on earth without the use of antibiotics and fed on non-GMO and vegetable feed;

“Il Campese”, outstanding supply. The slow-growing “Il Campese” chickens are reared in the open air without the use of antibiotics and fed with vegetable and GMO-free feed, and are processed using only renewable energy sources;
the “BIO” range from Amadori organic chicken farms, where the birds are reared outdoors and fed with legumes and cereals from organic farming.
Thanks to the differentiating values in its offers, Amadori has become the guarantor for anyone seeking to combine balanced nutrition, healthy lifestyle and daily exercise: “I think about training and keeping in shape, Amadori takes care of my diet.”

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