Modified coxless four on the third step of the podium


With the Italian crew re-staffed due to Bruno Rosetti's Covid-19 infection, the men's coxless four won the bronze medal. The Technical Director Francesco Cattaneo, in agreement with the CONI, has revised the formation by introducing Marco Di Costanzo, coming from the two coxless, which with Matteo Castaldo, Matteo Lodo and Giuseppe Vicino has achieved a great feat.

The Italians come off the starting blocks perfectly and immediately begin to up the pace of strokes to get the pace right. All the boats are still lined up at two hundred metres, with Australia ahead of the others. Australia leads, followed by Romania and Great Britain, with Italy lagging at passing the first check. At passing 1000 metres, Australia has already taken the lead, but behind them are Great Britain, Romania and Italy, which has risen from the last position with Vicino pressing on the accelerator. Again, Australia and Great Britain for the first two positions but Italy follows in fourth position sticking to Romania at 1500 metres. Italy attacks with heart and determination and weakens Great Britain in a toe to toe and attacks Romania that for only 5 hundredths, wins the silver ahead of Italy confirmed in bronze.