The IOC accepts CONI's request: the bronze medal in the four without also goes to Bruno Rosetti. "A great joy, thanks to those who have been close to me"

TOKYO 2020

Bruno Rosetti climbs onto the podium with 'his' four without. The Italian, who was stopped by a positive Covid test just a few hours after winning the final with his teammates, will be awarded the bronze medal. This was decided by the International Olympic Committee, accepting the request made by the President of CONI, Giovanni Malagò, immediately after the third-place obtained by Matteo Castaldo, Marco Di Costanzo, Matteo Lodo and Giuseppe Vicino.

The official announcement came from the IOC Sport Director, Kit McConnell, who accepted the request, considering it well-founded, given the complexity of the moment and the contribution made by the rower to the boat reaching the final.

Rosetti, isolated in the Covid Hotel, expressed his satisfaction. "I am very happy to have received the news from President Malagò of this decision of the IOC that, in some way, repays me for an event that involved me despite myself. In these days I have read a lot. I want to say right away that I did not shut myself up in silence, but I respected everyone's work. I needed to metabolise the disappointment for not being able to compete with my boat mates. I want to congratulate the entire Italian rowing team who did a great Olympics and Marco Di Costanzo, who sat in my place and ensured that Matteo Castaldo, Matteo Lodo, and Giuseppe Vicino could achieve their dream of the Olympic podium. Now I am continuing in my quarantine, and I hope to get this medal before going back to Italy. Thanks to everyone who has been close to me".