Casa Italia renews its tradition of two tricolour locations at the Winter Olympic Games


CONI renews the tradition of Casa Italia at the Olympic Games. The first Tricolour Hospitality House was conceived in Los Angeles in 1984: a long history for a continuously evolving project. Today it is a product and brand recognised at Olympic and international level, capable of narrating all our excellences, from sport to Made in Italy.

A true media hub aims to amplify Olympic content during the Games exponentially.

The two venues in Beijing will cover the two main clusters of Yanqing. In addition, Beijing will host media and athletes in compliance with anti-COVID-19 regulations and the playbooks defined by the Games Organising Committee.

Casa Italia in Yanqing will be housed in the Beijing Marriott Hotel Yanqing - Yard No 92, Xincheng Street; Casa Italia in Beijing, on the other hand, will be located in the St. Regis Hotel - Beijing - 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang, Beijing China 100020

The concept is inspired by the journey in its real and imaginary meaning, as a metaphor for the path that humans accomplish outside and inside themselves to achieve ever new goals..

Through Millium, the ancient travelling unit of measurement corresponding to a thousand steps in Roman and medieval times, Casa Italia in Beijing 2022 wants to be for the Italia Team an experience that connects the other, with the elsewhere, with a better version of themselves.

All exploration is a deeply human need, but only a few manage to have the ambition and courage to devote their lives to pushing the boundaries of the known and facing their own limits.

The two Casa Italia venues will welcome the Italian Olympic Mission and celebrate the athletes who will represent Italy during the Winter Olympic Games, also in compliance with the commitments made with partners, once again writing the history of Italian sport.