From Play to the Games: CONI Educamps, the multidisciplinary summer sports centres, are back


The national training and information meeting, organised by the CONI Territorial Directorate, was held today via video conference. It was attended by the Presidents of the CONI Regional Committees, the Scientific Directors of the CONI Regional Sports Schools and the national and regional teacher-trainers - with a total audience of over 200 participants - who will have the important role at territorial level of training and informing the technicians and operators of the participating Amateur Sports Associations and Societies about the restart of the CONI Educamp project.

An initiative with national connotations whose training proposal has the intention of establishing unified involvement through projects that can also be replicated in a coherent and coordinated manner throughout the territory with authoritative and measurable results.

The meeting was opened by CONI Vice-President Claudia Giordani, who emphasised the importance of the educational projects promoted by the Italian National Olympic Committee aimed at introducing and guiding young people from the ages of 5 to 14 into sport. The goal is to foster proper training while respecting individual growth phases and potential. The indispensable role of the territorial organisation in achieving these goals and promoting the pillars of Olympism throughout the country was also emphasised. 

The Director of the Institute of Sport Science Giampiero Pastore spoke at the event, presenting CONI's TEM (Test Efficienza Motoria: Motor Efficiency Test) project, a well-established element within the youth sports projects promoted by the organisation.

In addition to the organisational and technical issues on the launch of the CONI Educamp project, the agenda included the proposal of a special programme for the inclusion of vulnerable children with a particular focus on the reception of refugee children from Ukraine to help them through sport and play to learn the language, thus favouring the integration process, and the presence of the Italian Sports Medical Federation with a contribution on sport, nutrition and prevention.

The CONI Educamp project is the result of a path that is constantly being strengthened and updated to meet the new challenges facing the sports world. A revitalising opportunity for youth activity that, through play and fun, leads to the discovery of talent. 
At the moment, 470 active sports associations in all regions have shown interest, and this number is set to grow further in the coming days. The weekly programme, which can be consulted via the dedicated website (, provides the opportunity to experience innovative training methods and strategies through interdisciplinary activities that may vary according to location. 

The Italian National Olympic Committee promotes and enhances youth sports activities for the 5-14 age group, through a multidisciplinary sports education programme that accompanies young people throughout the year, with the 'CONI Centre - Orientation and Initiation to Sport' project in the winter season (September - June) and the CONI Educamps in the summer season. The aim of this course is to broaden the pool of participants, to increase their motor skills, and to support them in their search for and identification of their talents, which in the future could spill over into high-level activity. In order to achieve this goal, CONI relies on the involvement of the Sports Organisations and the Sports Associations and Societies affiliated with them.