CONI: New Code of Sports Justice, the Advisory Commission is established

19818-FORO1 MEDIUM MEDIUMThe President of the CONI, Giovanni Malagò, by virtue of the approval of the new system of sports justice - decided by the National Council last 19 December - and in consideration of the need to draw up the Code as well as the Operating Regulations of the new bodies, the Disciplinary Board and the General Attorney have formed an Advisory Committee, composed of jurists with recognised expertise and experience in the field of sports law.

The Advisory Committee is composed of Giulio Napolitano, Ferruccio Auletta, Beatrice Coppa, the lawyer Antonio Conte, Massimo Coccia, Pierluigi Matera and Massimo Proto. The documents prepared by the Commission, at the end of the task, will be presented to the National Board of the CONI for its careful inspection and determinations.