CONI: Malagò’s statement following the refusal of the Wild Card in the Basketball World Cup

19554-19782-01-malago MEDIUM MEDIUMThe President of the CONI, Giovanni Malagò, on hearing the news of the Italian Basketball Federation’s refusal to request the Wild Card for the 2014 World Cup has issued the following statement:

“I fully endorse the choice of the Federation. It is an act of common sense that takes into account the current context and the moment that the country is going through. While respecting the management dynamics of the Wild Card by the International Federations, I allow myself a reflection from the point of view of sports culture: my ideal model is to obtain qualifications in the field and I am sure that the Italian Azzurri basketball team will demonstrate its worth in the upcoming 2015 European championship, which will be one of the stops in order to qualify for the Rio 2016 Games”.