CONI: Malagò signs agreement with the Fiamme Oro

19560-19754-Fiamme oro CONI MEDIUM MEDIUMThe President of the CONI, Giovanni Malagò, and the President of the State Police’s Fiamme Oro Sports Section, Francesco Montini, have signed - today at the Foro Italico - the agreement between the Italian National Olympic Committee and the Ministry of the Interior - Department of Public Safety. The agreement, which will be valid until 31 January 2017, was signed in the presence of the Deputy General Secretary of the CONI, Carlo Mornati, and the Assistant Chief of the State Police, Flavio D'Ambrosi.

The CONI and the Fiamme Oro (Golden Flames) have reiterated their mutual commitment to the maintenance and promotion of high-level activity, to increase the national sporting heritage, including through the active collaboration aimed at enhancement of existing infrastructure and the evaluation of projects related to new facilities to allow the athletes to optimise the preparation in view of sporting commitments.