SCHOOL OF SPORT: 13th course for experts on physical preparation starts in February

ACQUA ACETOSA cr1The School of Sport of the CONI organises the 13th course for experts on physical training. It will start in February, in the Giulio Onesti Olympic Preparation centre, and the program is divided into three training modules and a final evaluation session scheduled for 26 June. The course includes: lectures, practical exercises, group work, round tables, stages of distance education and the creation of an individual work regarding the discipline in which the sport trainer works. The teaching staff is composed not only by leading experts in the methodology of training, nutrition and posture, physiology and biomechanics, but of many trainers of high-level athletes and teams, such as Francesco Cuzzolin and Roberto Benis (national basketball) Lorenzo Pugliese (national badminton) and Alberto Di Mario (national judo). A particular important educational method is represented by practical-theoretical exercises on the use of excess loads that will be carried out by national trainers of the FIPE (Italian Weightlifting Federation). The target audience are Trainers of different disciplines with a training comparable to a Level II of a National Sports Federation or Associated Sports Discipline and a graduate in Physical Education or with an ISEF diploma.

The application for admission and the delivery of curriculum vitae must be received by Thursday 23 January. The course has a limited number of participants (30).

The three modules cover the following contents:

-         Role, skills and knowledge in the sports system of the Physical Preparation Expert. Models of provision of sporting activities. 3 - 7 February

-         Functional and field evaluation of sport performance capacity. Prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. 10 - 14 March

-         The organisation of the preparation sessions: general and special pre-athletics, with natural load and with excess load. 5 - 9 May

-         Final evaluation. 26 June

During the course, free attendance at three seminars of the School of Sports is also planned:

-         Prevention of injuries in high-performance training. 5 February

-         Proper use of nutritional supplements in sport. 12 March

-         Women training: specificity of sport in high-performance training. 7 May

The course presents the most advanced techniques in the development of the physical condition, but also the best practices with regard to the integrated training. A large part is dedicated to the in-depth analysis of the practical aspects of the physical preparation and, in particular, the evaluation methods of the different factors of performance and evaluation data management. The participation fee amounts to €1200 + €2 for the administration stamp. In accordance with the SNaQ - National System of Qualification of Sports Trainers - the course allows for the achievement of 30 training credits, obtainable through the different training methods available (lectures, practical exercises, group work), the activities related to personal study and the realisation of a final thesis. At the end of the course, after the final assessment is passed, you will acquire the qualification of Expert in Physical Preparation. The candidates will be selected on the basis of the evaluation of the qualification, as required by the relevant notice. Those admitted to the course will receive a confirmation e-mail. At this point, we will proceed with the registration to the School of Sport website,, and the registration in the course, by filling in the application on the website. After this, you will receive an email with the details to make the payment. Further information can be obtained through the following contacts: Tel 06/36726.9263 or 9194.Fax 06/3272.3780. E-mail