ANTIDOPING: The TNA disqualifies Gerardo De Bonis (FIHP) for 3 months

FORO10The National Anti-Doping Court - First Chamber, in disciplinary proceedings against Gerardo De Bonis, provided for in Articles. 2.1 and 4.4 of the NSA and 2.1 and 10.4 of the WADA Code, has imposed the penalty of a three month suspension on the athlete, with effect from 11/02/2014 and expiring on 10/05/2014, sentencing him to pay the costs of proceedings quantified at a flat rate of 325.00 €. It was established that this decision would be communicated to the person concerned, to the UPA, WADA, the FIRS and the FIHP, the federation he belonged to at the time of the act.