SCHOOL OF SPORT: seminar on the management of sport activities in local authorities on the 11th of April

Immagine crThe seminar "Management of sport activities in local authorities: legal, administrative and fiscal aspects" organized by CONI School of Sport, will take place at the Zanhotel in Bologna on the 11th of April. To manage a sport facility is a complex activity which requires specific knowledge and professionalism, in order to allow the programming of activities. For this reason, it is necessary to develop competences both of those who operate in local and regional bodies in the sport sectors, owning granted facilities, with specific regard for legal, administrative and fiscal aspects, and of those who are managing them. The seminar has the aim to help local authorities and the subjects to whom they entrust the facilities providing a response to the new request of sport, to solve the administrative issues of a sport centre, to face the practical issues related to the management and the impact of the new laws in the safety field. Thus, new themes will be discussed: the procedures of entrustment of public sport facilities management on the basis of national of regional laws in this matter, the main critical issues of the conventions habitually used, the alternative hypothesis: surface right, project finance, fiscal discipline of works carried out inside the facility by the private manager, and the management of human resources. The seminar is open to everyone and is particularly dedicated to local and regional authorities functionaries; directors who operate in sport organizations collaborating with local authorities; advisors, event organizers and freelance professionals.