CONI: “Innovation and technology dedicated to training”, conference of the Federal technical directors on the 9th of April

agenda3 - CopiaA conference to highlight the role of “Innovation and technology dedicated to training”. This important meeting, organized by the Sport and Olympic Preparation Area of CONI, will take place on the 9th of April at Acqua Cetosa, hosting competent speakers of international level. The works, moderated by Elio Locatelli, technical Director of Olympic Preparation, and by Claudio Gallozzi, Director of CONI Sport Sciences Institute, will be opened by Australian Dean Benton, sport performance advisor, who will discuss about “innovative approaches to accelerate recovery”, and will work as an introduction for the speech by Loren Seagrave, Director of IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, who will talk about “new tools at the trainer’s disposal”.

Gerald Brussow, Manager of the operation program CONI-Ferrari, will talk about the perspectives of the project run by the Italian National Olympic Committee in collaboration with Ferrari itself, while Marco Brugnoli – President of Cosmed – and engineers Bruno Ros, Managing Director of BTS Bioengineering Spa of Milan, and Federico Gori, International Business Development, Microgate, will present the technological partners of the Medicine and Sport Science Institute of CONI. Next, examples of assessment will be discussed, with the case of FIJLKAM, thanks to physician Fabio Fanton, specialized in Sport Medicine, and to engineers Tommaso Finadri and Lucio Pinzoni, which will describe the new FIGC assessment approach. The closing speech will be given by Dean Benton, who will discuss about the limitations of functional assessment.