CONI: Presentation of the campaign "The fight against cancer has no colour." Malagò: "Lifestyle is fundamental"

lotta-cancro-logookThe President of CONI, Giovanni Malagò, and the Secretary General, Roberto Fabbricini, participated in the presentation of "the fight against cancer has no colour " initiative sponsored by the “Together Against Cancer” Foundation, led by Professor Francesco Cognetti . This is the first national campaign - developed in collaboration with the Italian Association of Medical Oncology, for the prevention of cancer addressed to the poorest citizens, particularly to immigrants who live in our country. From tomorrow and until 4 May it will be possible to support the campaign by donating a euro by text message or 2 euro with a phone call from a landline to the number 45594 . The focal point of the fundraiser will occur on 3 May, during the final of the Florentine -Naples TIM CUP. The press conference was also attended by Vito De Filippo , Undersecretary at the Ministry of Health, Stephen Cascinu, AIOM President, Elizabeth Iannelli , secretary of “Together Against Cancer”, Gianni Letta and the goalkeeper of AS Roma, Morgan De Sanctis.

Professor Cognetti has described the situation in our country in detail. “Less than 50% of foreign nationals called for screening against cancer, adhere to these programs. Therefore, diagnosis is made late by up to year and there is a higher number of deaths of more than 20%”. The President Malagò stressed the importance of the campaign. “Sport can play a major role , because for every euro you invest in our world we save 3 euros in health care costs. It is essential to adopt healthy lifestyles, based on proper nutrition and physical exercise”. The Undersecretary Vito De Filippo stressed “the importance of early detection through mass cancer screening, also to save resources”. AS Roma goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis, spokesperson of the initiative, stated with pride “that I can put my name to this because thanks to screening I can avoid an own goal”. Also appreciated was the work of Stephen Cascinu, AIOM President which has focused “on scientific studies showing that prevention programs help reduce up to 80% of the incidence rate of tumours”, and Elisabeth Iannelli. The press conference was closed by Gianni Letta. “Lifestyles, early diagnosis and prevention are the 3 keywords to combat this phenomenon also among immigrants”.