CONI: Presentation of the new logo. Malagò: "It will bring us a lot of satisfaction"


CONI Positivo4The emblem shines proud, three-coloured, with an elegant gold border and the Italy inscription dominated by the 5 Olympic rings. The veil is lifted on the new logo, we enter the new age of CONI. An enviable glance at the scene of 4 living Presidents of the Italian National Olympic Committee, Carraro, Pescante, Petrucci and Malagò, parading on stage. An inescapable, appropriate reference is spontaneously made to the common denominator, Giulio Onesti, “the father of us all” as pointed out by Malagò. In the Hall of Arms the page is turned: finishing with the archiving of the old logo, 10 years later, and reliving the greatest moments of competitive sport through the testimonies of those who led the CONI. It started with Franco Carraro (1978-1987), who paid homage to Giulio Onesti and remembered “not only Moscow 1980 for the complexity of the time but also the record high jump of Sara Simeoni”. Mario Pescante (1993-1998) proudly highlighted, “the gold of the 4x10 km relay in Lillehammer where Norway was leading,” as one of the most exciting moments of his presidency. Giovanni Petrucci (1999-2013) focused “on the Melandri law and the establishment of Coni Servizi, the two highlights of my management. I have unique, unforgettable memories, like the Jubilee of 2000 with Pope John Paul II passing by and the 150 medals won. Andreotti and Gianni Letta were instrumental in ensuring autonomy in our world”. Closing the ceremony was Giovanni Malagò, CONI President since February 2013. “In keeping with history and tradition this innovation can give value to our system. Sport can improve the health of Italy. With this logo we will take great satisfaction, it will allow us to have additional resources”.

In the course of the event the program for the Centenary of the CONI was also presented which will begin on 8 June with the Open Game 100 years of history - 1 day of sport. The highlight will be on 9 June with the official opening ceremony of the Centenary. In the evening, starting at 21.15, there will be a live event on Rai 1 from the Pietrangeli stadium at the Foro Italico. The conclusion of events is on 10 June at 18:30 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica with the concert of Oscar winner Ennio Morricone. On that occasion, the coin celebrating the Centenary will also be presented. At the end, a group photo with the new flag, along with the champions of Italian sport Michele Maffei, Giuseppe Abbagnale, Mauro Checcoli, Manuela Di Centa, Alessandra Sensini, Nino Benvenuti, Armin Zöggeler and Jessica Rossi.