CONI: National Council Communication

FORO1The 223rd National Council of CONI has gathered this morning, at 10:30, by the Foro Italico, to discuss the following minutes:
1) Approval of the text of the 5th of March 2014 meeting: the text has been approved unanimously
2) Communications of the President: Malagò has started the works remembering the figures connected to the sport world disappeared in the last two months, as well as the good results obtained by the "azzurri" on the same period of time. The President has then reminded about the importance of the excellent relationship with the Government, which have allowed to avoid two penalizing provisions against sport, one related to the penal certification for those who practice activities with minors and one related to the forfeit reimburse for those who performs amateur activity. It has been repeated that CONI is always open to confrontation and dialog, in the field of a fruitful communication with the Government. The attention has been then moved to the accidents occured on Saturday before the Tim Cup final Fiorentina-Naples and Malagò has underlined that the confusion about the power attributions, stating again how CONI does not deny its responsibility but it cannot do what is outside of its competences. Without discussing about certain decisions, the President has repeated that such episodes of violence connected to the sport world are intolerable, being sorry for the whistling against the Hymn of Italy, injustifiable act, which is in contrast with the big example of Italian pride offered instead by the volleyball championship final. It has been highlighted that commitment and passion are needed in order to establish a new sport culture.
Next, the first edition of the Beach Games has been discussed, with Pescara keeping the appointment thanks to its commitment spent in the last weeks, thanks also to the intervention of General Secretary Roberto Fabbricini. The Presdient has then illustrated the following iter to the works conclusions of the contributions commissions, lead by Vice President Luciano Buonfiglio. The document created, with the parameters to follow, will be worked upon in economic terms by an advisor to be chosen. Malagò has finally reminded the importance of the social balance and of the studies centre, as well as of the initiatives to enhance the social integration through sport. Finally, Domenico Falcone, FIJLKAM new President, has been awarded with a gold star.
3) FSN - DSA - EPS activity: the resolution related to the annual max limit of foreign athletes, from 1315 to 1190, has been unanimously approved.
4) Administration and CONI balance sheet: the CONI 2013 balance sheet has been unanimously approved, with the positive opinion of the auditors.
5) Miscellaneous: on the report of the President and other general subjects, the following have intervened: Giancarlo Abete (football), Bruno Molea (representant of Sport Promotion organizations), Romolo Rizzoli (boccia), Vincenzo Manco (representant of Sport Promotion organizations), Andrea Mancino (representant of Associated Sport Disciplines), Ugo Salines (representant of Sport Promotion organizations), Marco Durante (athletes representant), Eugenio Giani (CONI Territorial Bodies representant), Alfredo Gavazzi (rugby), Damiano Tommasi (athletes representant), Mario Pescante (CIO member), Luigi Musacchia (representant of Sport Promotion organizations), Maurco Checcoli (representant of Meritorius Associations), Luciano Buonfiglio (canoe), Michele dell'Olio (water ski). The Council, having no other resolution to pass, has ended its works at 12:30.​