CONI-MIUR: The Minister Stefania Giannini makes funding official for projects related to the promotion of sport in Italian schools

giannini malagoThe Italian Minister of Education, University and Research, Stefania Giannini, participated in the Hall of Honour at the presentation of the National Women’s Basketball program ahead of Euro 2015. She officially announced the Government's funding to support CONI projects related to the practice of sport in schools. “We signed an agreement a month ago with president Malagò regarding the CONI project for Sport in Schools, physical activity and all activities that serve to promote it. There was a decree to structure and to sign and we found the funds that we need. And after the election we will start working on concrete plans for schools and sport”. The Minister, after being thanked by the CONI President, Giovanni Malagò, added that the measure “has a very precise objective, to make the relationship between school and sports central again so that sports is not only good for the health but also for the educational process within the Italian school system. All these activities should be included in school systematically and with greater focus. Sport needs to form part of the educational process from primary schools and adequate university facilities need to be guaranteed. The road is long but we are here to make the concrete”.