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CONI SERVIZI: all the results of Italy BNL Tennis Internationals success

immagine finale tennisTwenty-three millions Euros of sales volume, of which almost eight from ticket selling. Six days out of nine of sold out, record of visitors for a single day (30.202). More than none millions in sponsorizations (+23% vs. last year), 17% increase of corporate hospitality tickets for companies. These are only a few of the amazing results registered at the Italy BNL Tennis Internationals and also for Coni Servizi is time to recapitulate. This result overcomes any brightest expectation, which awards the work of Tournament Operation Director, Diego Nepi, supported by the Management Technical Committee, to which Coni Servizi General Director, Michele Uva, and CONI Vice Secretary, Carlo Mornati, belong.

The partnership between Coni Servizi and Federtennis has produced an increase in all sectors this year: the income from tickets, the sponsors, TV audience, total equipped surface for the event of the new area dedicated to night entertainment, through the innovative, digital and visionary project “Ballroom – The New Night Experience”, in which more than 60.000 young people have taken part during the 11 nights of programming. Therefore, an extraordinarily positive edition which is worth remembering sector by sector.

For the first time 150.000 m2 of total surface (+125% increase from 2007 to 2014), of which 6.500 m2 of Green Areas and 7.000 m2 of Marble Areas, contributing further to the continuous strategy of valorization of green areas and open spaces, widening the overall visual on the whole area. The pedestrian areas has been then reduced to only 2.000 m2 leaving room for green and marbles. Investing in infrastructures restoring marbles and statues, improving gardens and pedestrian routes, new permanent areas have been valorized with the aim of improving in a stable and consistent way the quality of public spaces at citizen’s service.

In addition to the Tennis Centrale, Pietrangeli Stadium and the Supertennis Arena, 12 courts have been arranged, out of which 5 for competitions (ground) and 7 for training (three completely new). In such a context, the improvements of the Sala delle Armi and the creation of tree new courts (Piazza del Tennis) have given new scope to the location broadening its spaces. The external development has had the intention to mix tradition and modernity creating a structure – characterized by a “smooth” form – with an intrinsic lightness due to the transparent materials used. The vision to open spaces represent a foundation in the Internationals history and the consecration of the Parco del Foro Italico as seat of the event, while Pietrangeli Stadium has, as usual, increased its suggestion and the splendour. Finally, the tennis Foro Italico Circle has opened its structures to house for the first time the tournament sponsor companies, improving and exalting their experience at the Parco del Foro Italico.

Regarding the public fruition, it must be said that the area of the avenues accessing from south to the park has been made more compact and the enclosures and all that separated the public from tennis has been eliminated from an aesthetic and functional point of view, creating a better osmosis between supporters and players, and building new service structures, even more welcoming and comfortable, dedicated to guests’ food supply and welcome; the “food court” near the Central Court, and in particular as said, the “Ballroom”, the great night innovation, that has generated approvals and income.

Italy’s BNL Tennis Internationals’ turnover has increased three-fold in the last three years, getting to 23 millions for this last edition, increasing the tournament value of more than 70% on the economic level, but also in terms of audience, as it can boast more than 12.000 hours of broadcast of which Europe obtains 70% of average coverage generating 64% of the audience; Italy is only behind Spain in terms of broadcasting hours and tv viewers. The net media value generated has had a 13% increase.

At the ticket boots the success has been phenomenal, with 7.8 millions of ticket collection which confirms the great prestige and the undisputed appeal of this event for the Roman public, and not only, as the Foro Italico has been invaded by buses from all over Italy. The same positive trend can be noticed in sponsorizations, lead by BNL title sponsor and with the support of Rolex, Emirates, Ford, Enel, Fedex, Ricoh, Corona, Dunlop, Moet & Chandon, Australian, Segafredo, Gatorade, Unilever and Lauretana: all together they have brought the total to overcome 9 millions with a 23% increase confronted with the previous year. At this point, it can be stated that this tournament represents the excellence among the Italian sport events, becoming a great container for media and sport it is therefore, not only a content and value supplier for TV channels, but also for the companies that are investing in it. It is a perfect combination between sport and commercial activities of communication and public relations. Investing in the Internationals means also investing in the whole Italian sport movement, and the organization, through Coni Servizi, offers a qualified service thanks to a dynamic structure, which allows to develop each single project of the partners. The same can be said about the 48 companies (13 more than 2013 when they were 35), that have bought 335 corporate tickets (vs. 226 in 2013), generating a volume of more than 625.000 Euros (+17% confronted with 2013). A success in the bigger success, which gives a lot of hope for 2015.

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