CONI: Workshop on "Sport and Integration: the most beautiful victory" in the presence of Poletti, the Employment and Social Policy Minister. Malagò: "Us, driving force of a changing Italy"

integrazione 152339 crThe most beautiful victory is called sport and integration. A punchy slogan with the ability to reflect the importance of the program endorsed by CONI and the Italian Ministry of Employment and Social Policy on the social integration of migrants through competitive sports and the fight against discrimination. The development of the project, with the relevant implemented manifesto, was presented today during a workshop organised by Coni Servizi, with the contribution of expert speakers who came before the final speeches of the President Giovanni Malagò and the Minister Giuliano Poletti.

At the Tennis Association, home of the event, was the General Manager of Coni Servizi, Michele Uva, to start off the talks. Uva stressed “that sport is integration, a vehicle for cancelling out distances with its 19 million practitioners. In Germany, investments were made to encourage the progressive evolution of a cultural process connected to sports activities. It is necessary to work with parents, to be at the service of the social system, thanks to the sensitivity shown by the Ministry”. The in-depth analysis, moderated by Jacopo Volpi, continued with a series of authoritative testimonies being given. Alberto Brasca (President FPI) and Vincenzo Parrinello (Colonel of the Fiamme Gialle Sporting Group), talked about experiences in their respective fields, which were followed by talks from Martino Pillitteri (Yalla Italia Editorial supervisor), Germano Bertin (Esicert General Management and Communication), Monica Promontorio (President of the Organising Committee Campaign “Living like Athletes - a school of fair play) , Giorgio Brandolin (Chairman of the CONI Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Committee), Marco De Ponte (Action Aid Secretary General), Alessandro Tappa (Sports without Borders President) and Salvatore Sanzo (President of the CONI Tuscany Regional Committee). Massimo Achini (CSI Chairman) along with the testimonial from Klaudio Ndoja (basketball player from Cremona), Marco Brunelli (Director of Lega Calcio Serie A) and Mauro Mazza (Director at Rai Sport) ended the first part of the workshop.

The Minister Poletti expressed his satisfaction on the route taken, "which should make us imagine a new society, that depends on us. We need to study initiatives that irrigate the integration of the land”. The President Malagò reiterated the commitment of the CONI “in this project. Sport is far ahead of other areas of our country on this issue. The Jus soli (right of the soil) is a goal to be pursued, certain restrictions are unacceptable. In Sochi, in snowboarding, I saw an American who had become Russian win, this makes sense of what needs to be done in order to be in keeping with the times”. Walter Veltroni summed up the goal to be achieved, illustrating Sport and Integration’s manifesto. “They're just words, but they are key tools, such as those of Martin Luther King, for example, because it set in motion the processes. The Jus soli (right of the soil) is a rule of civilisation that should be transferred to the country”. The event, which was attended by the CEO of Coni Servizi, Alberto Miglietta, the President of the Lega calcio Serie A (Italian Football League), Maurizio Beretta, recorded the reflections of the other members of the project’s Scientific Committee, including Vincenzo Spadafora (National Authority for Children and Adolescents), Renato Villalta, President of Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna basketball club, Vincenzo Iaconianni, President of Federmotonautica (Italian Powerboat Racing Federation), Member of the Board of Directors of Coni Servizi and Professor at the European University of Rome and the Olympic champion Diana Bianchedi.