Protocol on youth employment: sport provides perspectives to the country


Malag-PolettiCONI President Giovanni Malagò and Labour and Social Policies Minister Giuliano Poletti have signed this morning by the Ministry seat an agreement protocol for the promotion of actions with the aim of favoring youth employment in the frame of a National plan for the 'Garanzia per i Giovani" ("Guarantee for Youth").

The agreement has the aim of defining a collaboration frame with the action of Government, regions and other public administration authorities involved through activities oriented towards the application of the program using local seats as places where spreading information and the contribution to the development of any mid-term prediction of professional positions requested in the sport world.

CONI undertakes to communicate information on measures and actions foreseen in the "Garanzia Giovani" program involving its own territorial facilities which could favor the approach and access of young people to the world of labour through the coordinating action of CONI Regional Committees of all the local bodies dealing with sport; it also undertakes to promote the oublication of job, apprentiship and internship offers. The protocol includes specific actions in the field of internships and apprentiships. As far as internship is concerned, CONI will promote its use through its local bodies, in order to spread such instrument by the sport organizations recognized by CONI.

President Malagò has exalted the potential of sport to provide new employment perspectives. "Differently from other firms in the country, which do not seem to have particular projects to me, we have initiatives everywhere. We don' say that all of them will be carried out until the end, but only having people with the intention to buy plots of land in order to build gymnasiums and sport centres, I think this is a positive thing. Sport has nowadays the huge responsibility not only of winning medals but also of contributing to the support of the country and the Government in the fight against unemployment".​