Malagò: "The approval of the decree against violence in the stadiums is an important step ahead"

malagogmt3 cr cr1CONI President Giovanni Malagò has released the following declaration about the approval by the Government of the decree against illegality cases during sport events: "This is an important step in view of the prevention of violence episodes connected to sport, with the aim to bring the families back to the sport events. Widening the Daspo (the prohibition to access sport events) and most of all having a special survelliance of public security for repeat offenders are measures that will surely contribute in keeping habitual violent people away from stadiums. Among the other provisions, I want finally to thank the Government about the Alfano decree, which has the aim of thightening penalties up against frauds in sport competitions: this is a clear sign to counteract any attempt of illegal alteration and evident violation of the sacred values of our world."​