The Public Prosecutor summons FIDAL members Simone Collio, Roberto Donati and Maurizio Checcucci on 12 September

6-ANTIDOPINGThe Antidoping Prosecution Office, on the basis of media reports, announces that it has summonsed, on Friday 12 September 2014 commencing at 13:00, three athletes registered with the FIDAL (Italian Governing Body for Athletics), to answer the following contested disciplinary charges:

1. Simone Collio (arts 2.2. and 3.2. of the NSA, Antidoping Sports Standard);

2. Roberto Donati (arts 2.2. and 3.2. of the NSA, Antidoping Sports Standard);

3. Maurizio Checcucci (arts 2.2. of the NSA, Antidoping Sports Standard).

The Office announces that it has once again repeated its request to the Prosecutor of the Republic of Bolzano for the documents relating to the criminal proceedings against Alex Schwarzer to be transmitted, especially in light of the notice of completion of investigations recently issued by aforementioned Public Prosecutor. Therefore, as soon such documents are obtained, the Office will proceed to call other parties, members and non-members, in order to ascertain the responsibility in the field of sport for the violation of the anti-doping standard.