Personal data protection Authority approves the ADAMS system. Malagò: "This is a turning point that will surely bring advantages"


FORO10Italian National Olympic Committee has communicated that the Authority for the protection of personal data has given a favorable opinion to the use of the computer system called ADAMS by the Italian national anti doping organizations (CONI-NADO). This is an important success ending a long process, almost one year long, which has had CONI and its organization structures actively undertaking an effort in removing a hurdle that has brought until now quite a few problems in the field of the fight against doping.
President Giovanni Malagò is particularly satisfied: a short time after his designation he started to work personally on this issue: "I am particularly satisfied with the outcome of the process initiated with the Authority, which has recognized the relevance from the public interest point of view of the prevention and repression actions carried out by CONI against the doping phenomenon in sport. In this perspective, the possibility to use the ADAMS system, once established the technical procedures with WADA, will surely allow operative advantages, both practical and structural, and I think this will prove itself as a powerful tool to raise even more the level of the fight against doping in Italy increasing the efficiency and the efficacy of CONI anti doping activities."
ADAMS is an acronym that stands for Anti-Doping Administration and Management System, is a management and administration online computerized system studied and developed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for the entering, gathering, recording, sharing and reporting of data about and coming from anti doping activities carried out at a global level by the various national and international organizations.
In particular, ADAMS allows for the use of an uniform system, at a national and international level, for the management of the data about the availability of athletes (the so called "whereabouts"), as well as for the rationalization of targeted checks through the verification on the database of the history about the previous sampling sessions already carried out by other anti doping organizations on the same athlete and the possibility to develop a system involving a biological passport of the athlete.
After the favorable opinion by the Authority, a few sections of the code about the treatment of personal data of CONI, already under examination by the members of the National Board, have been updated and will be analyzed tomorrow during the board meeting for the corresponding resolution.