National Board announcement

FORO5The Foro Italico hosted this morning the 1031st CONI National Board Meeting, which began its work by approving the minutes of the previous meeting, held on December 18, 2014. In its first communications, President Malagò informed the Board on the recent contacts with the Government about the candidacy of Rome for the 2024 Summer Olympics and the upcoming Organising Committee, which will have an "in-house" structure within CONI and an external Chairman whose name will be made official in the coming weeks. Malagò then proceeded to inform the Board about a number of letters sent by Pro League clubs Presidents requesting the convening of an Assembly; the President of Federcalcio, Tavecchio, gave Pro League until February 5 to convene said Assembly. The Board took note. The Board then proceeded to determine and approve the composition of the delegation that will participate in the 2015 winter edition of the European Youth Olympic Festival that will be held in Vorarlberg (Liechtenstein) from January 25 to 31; the head of this mission will be Alessio Palombi. The Italian Federation of Ice Sports (FIGS) was granted the permission to appoint the new Federal Secretary in the person of the Olympic champion Ippolito Sanfratello. Lastly, the Board expressed its satisfaction on the matter of the extension for the application of the spending control standards contained in the ISTAT list for the National Sports Federations. After reviewing a long list of other organizational and administrative issues, and having taken the relevant resolutions, the Board ended its work at 12:20.