National Antidoping Tribunal bans Alex Schwazer for another 6 months, sentence suspended for three months


FORO10The second chamber of the National Anti-Doping Court (TNA) confirmed the responsibility of Alex Schwazer in  the violation of Article 2.3 of the Anti-Doping Sport Rules (art. 2.3 of the CSA 2015). Having regard to Article 4.7.4 of the NSA (art. of CSA 2015), the TNA sentenced Schwazer a six-month additional ban, starting from the date of expiration of the disqualification currently in place: considering the already imposed sanctions, the disqualification will therefore expire on July 29, 2016. Having regard to Articles 4.5.3 and 11 of the NSA (Art. 4.6.1 and art. 11.1 of the CSA 2015), the Court has suspended the sanction imposed on Schwazer to the extent of three months, starting from April 29, 2016.


The TNA has also left the Doping Prosecutor's Office in charge of assessing the conditions, and, if appropriate, of initiating the procedure for the application of Article 11.2 of the CSA 2015. The Court condemned Schwazer to pay the costs of the proceedings, quantified in €750. The decision is to be communicated to the person, the UPA, to WADA, the IAAF and the FIDAL.