Statement of the National Committee


FORO5This morning, CONI’s National Committee held its 1034th meeting which began with the approval of the minutes of the previous meeting of March 10. In his statement Malagò began by announcing that the Onesti Foundation has awarded the 2015 Onesti Award to CIO President, Thomas Bach. Bach will be in Rome to receive the prestigious award, also given in the past to his predecessors Samaranch and Rogge, on May 22. During the course of the day, he will visit the new premises of the Committee for the Promotion of Rome 2024 at the Foro Italico and will attend a lunch with the CIO members and the Italian Presidents of International Federations in Acqua Acetosa which hosts the Centro di Preparazione Olimpica (Olympic training centre) named after the same Giulio Onesti. Malagò then informed the Committee of a series of issues relating to sports policies: the governing Authority has recognized an allowance to the Federal Presidents for 2015, Vice Secretary General Carlo Mornati was nominated Head of Mission of the Baku 2015 European Games and the Rio Olympic Games 2016, it was acknowledged that the Federazione Italiana Hockey will conclude its receivership phase in May with the elective Assembly, the same applies also to CONI’s Regional Committees of Lombardia and Calabria which will hold elections on May 23 and June 6 respectively.


The issue of violence in football stadiums was debated at length and President Malagò said he is waiting to meet with Interior Minister Alfano and the leading actors in the world of football. The Stella d’Oro (Golden Star) for sports achievements was awarded to the President of the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports, Vittorio Orlandi. Malagò then announced that the “Walk of Fame” of Italian sports will be inaugurated on May 7, with the first 100 legends immortalized in remembrance slabs along the Viale delle Olimpiadi. The recent agreements signed with Alitalia and with the Ministry of Defense were highlighted, as also a report on CONI’s presence at the SportAccord meeting in Sochi. It was decided that, on the government’s request, on May 24, there will be a minute’s silence in all sports events in memory of those killed in the First World War (1915). Yesterday, Federnuoto (swimming federation) delivered a report to CONI with the counter deductions on CONI’s Audit which will be discussed in the meeting of May 19. The new Olympic Club for winter sports has been defined in view of the 2018 Pyeongchang Games. The next National Committee meeting will be held in Milan on July 2 within the EXPO event and amongst those invited to attend are the Mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino, the President of Roma 2024, Luca di Montezemolo and the candidacy staff. The Committee acknowledged and appreciated the report by the Corte dei Conti (State Auditors Department) on CONI for the year 2013 which expressed positive judgments on the administration on the latter.


Furthermore it was informed about the Decree of the Ministry of Finance published on the Gazzetta Ufficiale which assigned to Coni Servizi some of the premises adjacent to the Parco del Foro Italico. CONI’s financial statements for 2014 were then examined and deliberated for approval by the National Committee, and show a substantially balanced economic result (+ €1 million), in line with that of the previous year. The production value is equal to €437.6 million, of which the main components are represented by public resources (€413.2 m, - €6 m with respect to 2013), by commercial revenues from the exploitation of the CONI brand (€6m + €2.2 m with respect to 2013, an increase connected to the Sochi 2014 projects and CONI’s centenary, which at the same time entailed greater costs), by revenues realized directly by the regional committees at local level (€8.6 m + €3.2 m with respect to 2013). Production costs, equal to €438.3 m, have been mainly allocated to the National Sports Federations , in the amount of over €288 m (equal to approx. 66 % of total production costs), of which €244.2 m for direct contributions and €43.8 m (not inclusive of VAT) for services in kind provided by Coni Servizi SpA within the considerations agreed in the annual service contract.


The other items relative to the production costs are represented by contributions in favour of other funded Bodies (€23.3 m), by the service contract considerations referred to the activities performed by Coni Servizi for CONI (€58.5 m, before VAT), by the amounts allocated to the State for VAT dues and in application of the norms for curbing public spending (€27.1 m, equal to 6% of the production costs), as well as by the costs borne directly by CONI’s Territorial Strictures (€21.6 € m, equal to 5% of the production costs), including the Progetto Sport di Classe realized with the MIUR and the Prime Minister’s office. After having examined a long series of other issues of organizational and administrative nature and having passed the relative resolutions, the Committee closed the meeting at 12:30.