Statement of the National Council


FORO5CONI’s National Council held its 239th meeting this afternoon - at the Foro Italico – to discuss the following agenda:


1) Approval of the minutes of the meeting of 10 February 2015: the minutes were unanimously approved


2) Communications by the President: Malagò opened the meeting with the presentation of the Stella d’Oro for sports achievements awarded to the newly elected President of FISE, Vittorio Orlandi (in the photo), and by expressing his condolences also on behalf of CONI to FIB President, Romolo Rizzoli, for the loss of his beloved wife, Mrs. Angela Stornelli. Subsequently, the personalities of the sports world who have deceased in the past two months were remembered, as well as the important results achieved by the national athletes in the same period. The President then highlighted the coming endeavours connected to the inauguration of the Kinder + Sport area at the EXPO of Milan, scheduled for May 4: the National Committee and Assembly will hold their meetings within the area of the World Expo – on July 1 and 2. With regard to the episodes of violence in football stadiums recently occurred, Malagò stressed that it is essential – in order to definitely contain the phenomenon – to take further measures in support of the activities of the federal bodies in charge of security. The Assembly of all Athletes will be held on May 7 as well as the inauguration of the Walk of Fame in Via delle Olimpiadi, which will host 100 national former athletes, who have distinguished themselves in the course of their career, on the basis of the nominations put forth by the same Athletes’ Commission chaired by Marco Durante, currently on a mission to present the Italian candidacy to the golf Ryder Cup in 2022. Amongst the coming events, scheduled for May 22 is the ceremony for the Onesti prize awarded to CIO President Thomas Bach by the Foundation bearing the name of the historic President of CONI. Malagò debriefed the Committee on his mission to Sochi for the SportAccord meeting and then stressed, with regard to the activities of the Enti di Promozione (Promotion Bodies), that, thanks to the online certification and use of fiscal codes, the future situation can be managed on the basis of objective parameters. Malagò then brought the Committee’s attention to the recent agreements signed with Alitalia and with the Ministry of Defense, as well as the definition of logistic relations with the Università degli Studi di Roma, on the basis of the Decree of the Ministry of Finance connected to the spaces in the building opposite the Farnesina (CIVIS building). The committee then discussed the issue of the duration of the Presidential mandate, and it was brought to the attention of the Committee that adequate evaluations on the matter are required and will be brought to the attention of the future Sports Undersecretary, and will be anyway in full respect of the proceedings of the Senate’s Commissione Cultura (Culture Commission), concerning the repercussions that said choices could have on the international careers of our top managers. Malagò stressed how confirmation was obtained regarding the fees due to the federal Presidents also for year 2015 and on the ISTAT front, the option of an appeal to the Court of Cassation is being evaluated, while it was also stressed that there is a need to update the procedures regarding the introduction of electronic invoicing. Malagò also introduced Claudia Bugno, general coordinator of the Roma 2024 promotion committee and head of the press office Alessandro Vocalelli, stressing how by the end of the month of June the Capitoline Assembly will convene to formalize Rome’s undertaking to host the Summer Olympic Games in 2024. Finally, it was confirmed that the Federazione Italiana Hockey will end its receivership phase on May 10 with the elective Assembly, the same goes for CONI’s Regional Committees of Lombardy and Calabria which will hold their elections on May 23 and June 6 respectively. The second edition of the CONI Trophy will be held in Lignano Sabbiadoro.


3) FSN-DSA-EPS activities: The deliberation regarding the limitation in number of non-EU Athletes was approved unanimously: 1185 for the professional federal activities for 2015-2016, 5 less than previously.


4) Administration and financial statements: after an intervention by Mr. Alberto De Nigro, the financial statements for 2014 were then examined and deliberated for approval by the National Committee, and show a substantially balanced economic result (+ €1 million), in line with that of the previous year. The production value is equal to €437.6 million, of which the main components are represented by public resources (€413.2 m, - €6 m with respect to 2013), by commercial revenues from the exploitation of the CONI brand (€6m + €2.2 m with respect to 2013, an increase connected to the Sochi 2014 projects and CONI’s centenary, which at the same time entailed greater costs), by revenues realized directly by the regional committees at local level (€8.6 m + €3.2 m with respect to 2013). Production costs, equal to €438.3 m, have been mainly allocated to the National Sports Federations, in the amount of over €288 m (equal to approx. 66 % of total production costs), of which €244.2 m for direct contributions and €43.8 m (not inclusive of VAT) for services in kind provided by Coni Servizi SpA within the considerations agreed in the annual service contract. The other items relative to the production costs are represented by contributions in favour of other funded Bodies (€23.3 m), by the service contract considerations referred to the activities performed by Coni Servizi for CONI (€58.5 m, before VAT), by the amounts allocated to the State for VAT dues and in application of the norms for curbing public spending (€27.1 m, equal to 6% of the production costs), as well as by the costs borne directly by CONI’s Territorial Structures (€21.6 € m, equal to 5% of the production costs), including the Progetto Sport di Classe realized with the MIUR and the Prime Minister’s office.


5) Any other business: regarding the President’s report, the following people commented: Giovanni Petrucci (Basketball), Paolo Barelli (Swimming), Luciano Buonfiglio (Canoeing and Kayaking) and Antonio Rossi (Athletes’ Representative). There being no other business, the meeting was closed at 4:20 pm.