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foro2 01"THE FORO ITALICO PARK - The history, the sport, the plans" is the book (216 pages) that CONI and CONI Servizi Spa have published with the Italian publishing company Silvana Editoriale in order to pay tribute, in terms of researched institutional structure, to a sports complex that contains artistic features and recollects the milestones in the history of Italian Olympism and the design of possible future developments.

The Foro Italico sports complex is now three-quarters of a century old. For 90% of Italians (many are statistically under the age of 75 in our country), therefore, "it has always existed." The Olympic Stadium, with the Foro Italico being the heart that beats loudest and with most continuity, is twenty years younger (and in this case, the Istat data suggests that there are just over 70% under the age of 55, or those who cannot imagine Rome without its big white bowl like stadium).

In coordination with the Communication department, CONI has chosen to show the Foro Italico as it is today primarily in images, entrusting this to the ability of a brilliant young photographer, Marco Beck Peccoz, who has a particularly sensitive eye for reading things and bringing them to life.

An Art historian and expert on the period, Dario Matteoni, has dug out files, cards, designs, ideas, and photos on the project and the construction work and reconstructed, also in terms of art criticism, the birth of the Foro.

Luca Masia has outlined what the intentions of Coni Servizi Spa are with the conservation and transformation of the area, an important asset from a technical and financial standpoint for Italian sport and at the same time a crucial opportunity to improve quality of life in Rome.

Piero Mei - gradually over time in charge of the sports newsroom, reports, culture and entertainment of the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero – gives a quick and detailed overview of the great stories of champions and victories that have had their unparalleled scenic stage at the Foro Italico. Stories then of football and tennis, athletics and swimming, of championships and cups, and of records and Olympic and world medals. With photos, records and registers of golds to jog the memory and relive old thrills.

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