Pescara 2015: Flag-raising ceremony at the Village with Malagò and the President of the Masseglia French Olympic Committee

Mediterranean Beach Games

Malago MassegliaThe Italian team at the Mediterranean Beach Games was hailed with the flag-raising ceremony, which took place at Palacongressi of Montesilvano, the headquarters of Villaggio Mediterraneo.  During the ceremony, CONI President spoke at length with the President of the French Olympic Committee (CNOSF) Denis Masseglia, also exchanging views on Rome and Paris standing as candidates for 2024.


alzabandiera1"Italy is present with 104 athletes, 60 men and 44 women – said Malagò after the flag was raised - . We are moving towards gender equality, I am confident that in Rio we will be able to even out. This is to convey the idea that we are a significant, important delegation, as it should be. We are the hosts, but above all, we are present in all of the eleven disciplines. Thank you Mayor, and I want to thank also my friend Enzo Imbastaro, President of CONI Abruzzo, who has been willing to support this commitment, along with the entire delegation of the Olympic Committee. I am happy to have my friend Francesco Purromuto, President of the Italian Handball Federation by my side; he recently told me that his sports discipline has the largest number of participants. I am convinced that, once again, also considering our ambition and our hopes concerning the Olympic Games, Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy will make an impression, which is of paramount importance, especially in connection with sports fairness, in addition to organizational aspects, thank you".