Monday Malagò and Montezemolo will unveil the logo of the 2024 bid

ROME 2024

Roma2024Rome's bid for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will unveil their new campaign logo on Monday in a ceremony at the Sports Palace in Piazza Apollodor, a venue made famous during Rome's last staging of the Games in 1960. CONI president Giovanni Malagò and the president of the Rome 2024 bid Committee Luca di Montezemolo will attend a show that includes performances by dancers, gymnasts and acrobats. They will explain Rome's bid and vision to an audience made up of some of Italy's most successful Olympians and 2,000 children from the city’s schools.


Following Milan's successful hosting of Expo 2015, bid President Sig Montezemolo said the ceremony marked a symbolic handover from Expo to the Olympics. "Everything that was built for the Expo, the incredible momentum that has united the country and made us win in the eyes of the world will not be lost," he said. "Now we will start again and work together with more strength and more passion to bring the Olympic Games to Rome, to give a better future to our country and to engage the future generations in this new Olympic dream, those children that in 2024 could be on track to race and win in Rome”.