Sport and Integration, winners awarded in 2016. Malagò: "Our goal is social inclusion"


0110integrazionemezzelanigmtFor the second year running, the programme agreement for promoting integration policies through sport signed by CONI and the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies has highlighted "best practices" in relation to integration through sport.


During the final meeting of 2016 for the "Sport and Integration" project (photo-Mezzelani GMT) at the Circolo del Tennis Foro Italico, successful positive experiences from this year's call to sporting associations were honoured, and Special Mentions were awarded to initiatives undertaken by National Sports Federations, Associated Sports Disciplines, Sports Promotion Bodies and Meritorious Associations. 239 integration through sport experiences, implemented throughout Italy, responded to the call.


The meeting was attended by Giovanni Malagò (President of CONI), Tatiana Esposito (General Manager of immigration and integration policies at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies), Alberto Miglietta (Managing Director of Coni Servizi), Diana Bianchedi (member of the Project Scientific Committee) and Adele Menniti (Research Director at the Italian National Research Council). Giuliano Poletti, Minister of Labour and Social Policies, also gave a few words.


Giovanni Malagò, President of CONI, stressed the importance of the project within the activities developed by the Body: "I am pleased that the hard work on this project and this issue is going to be recognised by the world of sports associations. It is not easy to get Federations, representatives of the professional world, and promotional bodies around the same table, but we have a duty to create links with all sectors in the exclusive interest of sport and the public. CONI has a strong social presence, at the cost of allocating resources to projects far removed from our core business, and through this we are creating important allies in companies that want to invest in social responsibility. Successful Best Practices are a tradition which we are particularly proud of".


Giuliano Poletti, Minister of Labour and Social Policies: "The local response to the activities proposed by the Sport and Integration project illustrates how continuous and thorough work with associations, and cooperation between institutions, can have a real effect, encourage dialogue between various people, and promote integration into and between communities".


MD of Coni Servizi Alberto Miglietta commented on the "central role of sport in relation to integration. We have several projects with various Ministries and we are pleased to create links to enhance the importance of the movement for the benefit of the community".


As part of the programme agreement, a survey dedicated to the perception of integration and inclusion values was conducted in 2016 by the National Research Council with a sample of secondary schools, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. During this event the first results of the "Fratelli di Sport" survey were presented.


The world of education was also involved in an informative campaign which saw secondary school pupils consider integration issues and participate in a contest focused on the theme of "Integration: the best victory". During the meeting, pupils from two schools in Rome participating in the educational campaign spoke with Italian athletes from migrant backgrounds: Delmas Obou, sprinter, Italian national 100 m champion in 2013 and 2014, and Ivan Mach Di Palmstein, hurdler, who are both members of the Gruppo Sportivo Fiamme Gialle [sport section of the Italian police force]. Information regarding the programme agreement, the measures taken and in progress, and the "Sport and Integration Manifesto" is available at and