Malagò on the re-election of Mattarella to lead the country: happy to still have him as our first supporter


CONI President Giovanni Malagò issued the following statement. 

'On behalf of myself and the National Olympic Committee, interpreting the feelings of the entire Italian sport, I extend the most sincere and affectionate congratulations to President Sergio Mattarella on re-election to the country's leadership.
In recent weeks I had publicly emphasised that it would be difficult to imagine a Head of State closer to our world than he was. So we welcome his confirmation with great happiness, recalling the support he has always shown for the sports movement, together with the sensitivity and encouragement, discreet but constant, reserved for the champions who make Italy great in the world with their successes. Mattarella's political, moral, and value stature is a guarantee for the country that he has represented with class in every forum, managing to express its noblest identity authoritatively. Happy to have him as our first supporter again. Good work, President!'