Sport in the Constitution OK for the bill. Malagò first signatory of the petition: 'Extraordinary achievement, essential for society'


The Senate Constitutional Affairs Committee today unanimously approved the constitutional bill to include the value of sport among those recognised by the Constitution. Article 33 states that it recognises 'the educational, social and psychophysical wellbeing-promoting value of sporting activity in all its forms'.

CONI President, Giovanni Malagò, was the first person to sign the petition promoted by the Cultura Italiae Association, which was presented during the 'Sport and Constitution: a possible combination’ event, hosted in December in the CONI Executive Hall to illustrate the contents of the bill and the reasons behind it, unanimously supported by the political forces.

"I am very satisfied with this extraordinary, first milestone and with the constitutional relevance that the country is ready to formally and finally recognise to sport, which represents an indispensable dimension for society in terms of the values it promotes and the meanings it encompasses. I am happy for the political and institutional transversality that accompanies this path, which is an eloquent symbol of the strength of our movement and the feeling of positivity it has always been able to express".