Open Day for the Olympic Management course. Malagò: "New professionals are essential"


sportgmt2A didactic project in order to train future sport directors: the Open Day of the course of Olympic Management organized by CONI School of Sport has been presented this morning at the Sala della Scherma (Fencing Room) in the  Acquacetosa Olympic Preparation Centre. The objectives of this initiative have been illustrated by CONI President Giovanni Malagò, Coni Servizi CEO Alberto Miglietta, by School of Sport Director Rossana Ciuffetti, the President of the Scientific Committee Antonello Bernaschi e the former long jump champion and CONI Board member Fiona May.

The course is addressed to young graduated people with the aim to prepare them for an immediate access to the labour market through the acquisition of competences as well as relation and team work abilities: it will be characterized by 12 modules with obligatory attendance for a total of 350 hours of lessons.

President Malagò has opened the works offering a good interpretation of the project: "I think it is a fundamental course for the times we are living in, thus I would like to thank the School of Sport who has been able to play its role decoding the current difficulties and the necessities of the market. We are in a context of chrisis that has been going on for too long and to leave it behind ideas and initiatives trying to change this trend of youth unemployment afre needed. As CONI President I have a very strong moral duty to lend a hand to help my country. My first mission is maybe before winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games to satisfy what the market is asking for. The method is to bring people where the world is going, i.e. new jobs. We must invent something."

Coni Servizi CEO Alberto Miglietta has highlighted the centrality of School of Sport in CONI strategies. "The wide sharing of this event testifies its importance and confirms the efforts of Coni Servizi to fullfil CONI objectives. The school is an investment for our know how to trasmit it to young people, working as a team and making the most relevant competences available in order to develop the didactic modules. Building the future of those who will be close to us and then will substitute us is a challenge. We have chosen the Sala della Scherma because in order to become directors we must start from the gyms, from the field, as this room where so many successes of Italian sport have been built can testify."

Rossana Ciuffetti, Director of the School of Sport, has thanked the numerous people attending and Coni Servizi General Director of Coni Servizi Michele Uva, who has supported the project. "A cycle of renewal is taking place, which started one year ago in order to make the School closer and closer to sport and open to the necessities of the marker. This course is requested by the new issues, because sport must drive the economy of the country, investing in the training of the future management bench. This is a team work that will allow the young students to carry out a stage in CONI facilities, thanks to the plan created by the Scientific Committee of which I am part of, lead by the Antonello Bernaschi and also composed by Michele Uva, Valeria Panzironi, Mario Nicoliello and Alberto Acciari."

Antonello Bernaschi, as Scientific Committee President, has gone into details regarding the course: "The didactic modules are 12 and mirror the complexity of the National sport system. In addition to the contents, we are willing to transmit values, and not to build bureaucrates. Those who make sport have passion and can transmit emotions. CIO President Thomas Bach has recently remembered that in 100 years of history CONI has represented a model because of high level directors. We want to go on feeding this tradition."

Fiona May has given a picture of the athletes' point of view. "I want to invest in my future, devoting myself to the world who acclaimed me. It is fundamental to make sport and also specialization: this course represents at last an opportunity to teach to the youngest ones." The lessons will be divided in 18 weeks full time, from the 14th of October, 2014, to the 5th of March, 2015, with a final entrance examination to access the stage, which will be composed of 300 hours until August 2015.