School, Malagò: "Bravo Renzi, sport is crucial to the future of our children"


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"The introduction of sport in primary schools is fantastic news. I wish to congratulate the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi for fulfilling the promise of what I have called, since the day I was elected, the mother of all battles of sporting policy. The CONI President, Giovanni Malagò, does not hide his satisfaction with the guidelines of the school reform presented by the Government. “Bringing sport into schools - added the President Malagò - will have a tremendous social impact, as it is written in clear letters in the Government document it means it has at its heart children’s health while at the same time increasing social inclusion, combating all degenerative phenomenon such as bullying and violence".


"CONI has been very active in recent years in trying to get primary school children to do sport, and will continue to do so with ever more targeted and innovative projects. Nevertheless, certainly the decision to introduce sport in schools permanently, which is the result of intense work carried out in recent months with the Minister Giannini and the Undersecretary Delrio, will represent a crucial step for the future of our children. An action that will be all the more important as it will be extensive, with the help of European funds as conceived by the Government. We give our thanks to the Government for this historic change".